What’s this about?

Hi people…

Lets get going with our reading. But, before I begin posting stuff, I will brief you about what I intend to do. Here, I will post links to some really good articles ranging from the latest happenings in different fields to posts related to science or history or politics or whatever you can think of. I would also be writing down posts on stuff that I feel is worth reading. There will also be general posts about books, poetry, motivational ideas, interesting theories…The foremost aim out here is to tell people how much fun reading can be and how important it is.

I would also be glad to publish anything written by the readers ranging from articles to stories to poetry to one liners which are suitable to the blog’s content and basic idea. This is an attempt especially for the novice readers where along with me they can read at least one post a day and widen their horizon of knowledge, art and language.



Come on, Tell me what you think!

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