Do you love books? Bang On!

Hi book lovers 🙂

This section is completely for you all because I am one of you. Books are a man’s best friends and who else could know this better than a person who is in love with books. So, here I will give you a list that you all will cherish.

The below is a link to Listology’s 1001 Books to Read Before You Die!

It covers some of the best books ever written, books that are worth a read and that tend to change a lot about the way you think and feel. I agree, some of the best works are still not a part of this list and also there might be certain books listed here which do not deserve a place in the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die! But, remember we all have different choices and perspectives.

Start Reading then because the time is less and the number of books to finish off is A LOT MORE! Wish you all a good reading experience 🙂

Come on, Tell me what you think!

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