Honour Killing: Lawyer Killed Sister!

Here comes another enthralling and disgusting act where a girl got killed by her own brother, who for your information is a renowned lawyer in Pakistan. 22 year old Rahila went against her family to marry her long time neighbour Zulfiqar Sehto. Rahils’ family strongly opposed the marriage and claimed that their daughter was abducted by Sehto. The couple was arrested by the police but they managed to escape and request a protection order from the court wherein they also appealed to declare the kidnapping charges void.

During one of these trials, when the two judges had just returned to the courtroom after a break, Rahila’s brother,Javed Iqbal Shaikh, took the most disheartening step without considering the presence of police officers, lawyers, judges and his other family members. According to the Guardian, Shaikh rose from his seat, pulled out a gun from under his jacket and and shot his sister. This did not stop his rage. He further attempted to shoot Sehto but the police stopped him from being successful.

Honour Killing: A shame

Honour Killing: A Shame

Another report by the Sydney Morning Herald reported that in one of some earlier court proceedings in July, Rahila’s uncle had tried to strangle her with his scarf. It is definitely a shocking act because Rahila’s family was highly educated. Her brother was known as a hostile and bad-tempered lawyer who had been involved in several feuds with the policemen and authorities in the past as well.

Some people might be wondering as to how can somebody enter a courtroom with a gun? To this, a Pakistani police Superintendent, Amjad Shaikh told the Guardian that the lawyers don’t like being searched. Security is not stringent in the country and that creates certain problems at times.

Iqbal Shaikh, along with four other members of his family were arrested on the suspicion that they had helped him carry out the murder. But, they displayed little repentance and regret. Shaikh admitted to losing his mind because Rahila had dishonoured the family, a reason big enough to justify the murder according to the lawyer.

Honour killing is not new to Pakistan where such acts have been taking place since the existence of the country. Several reports claim that close to 943 women were killed in Pakistan in 2011 on the pretext of bringing shame to their families.

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