The Rape of Men…


I was thinking about a topic good enough to expose certain hidden realities. This prompted me to throw light on one such social issue which is not widely known and understood. I read this article about an year back and honestly, I haven’t been able to forget this. This explains why I want people to know about it and to realize the level of atrocities faced by humans in certain parts of the world.

The rape of men is a malpractice that has left many families broken, many souls wounded. The article by Will Storr discusses this issue more closely and brings forth the story of the sufferers. It is a must-read post and I believe it will open up your vision towards the serious impact and consequences of sexual violence.

2 responses to “The Rape of Men…

  1. This article helped me change a lot of my beliefs and notions. It helped me realize how pathetic conditions can get for people and how important it is for us to know the reality. Keep Reading!

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