A True Story: Unbelievable!

Hi friends,

The article that I am referring to in this post is one heck of a story and though implausible, its true. This is about a Japanese man Hiroo Onoda who was a soldier fighting for his country during the Second World War. The incredible part here is that Hiroo’s dedication and faithfulness made him lead a huge part of his life in a forest where he stayed alone for years after the war because he was not aware that the war was over. Yes, it’s a heartbreaking story about survival.

Do read this because am sure many of you have never heard such a tale. It will leave you wondering!


3 responses to “A True Story: Unbelievable!

  1. Seems hard to believe!!!
    On a lighter note..
    Hope ur manager read General doesn’t have such high expectations while assigning work for the day before u can leave for home…

  2. Yes it indeed is an incredible story…hard to believe though ! 🙂
    But, there is a lot more happening all around the world and things that have already taken place. Its important for us to be aware…Keep Reading!

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