A Serial Killer’s Story: Enthralling!

This post is about ‘The Son of Sam’. Written by Mark Pulham, this is the true story of the period when New York was terrified by  David Berkowitz  during his 13 month long killing spree. It is an engrossing tale of terror, fear, murder and transformation. Once you start reading this, there is no way coming out of it because it will hold you till the end. When I first saw this article, I thought-‘Oh, Its too long.’  But, the moment I started reading, I was so absorbed that I wanted to go on and on.

The story of  Son of Sam has it all. It will make you feel miserable at one point, happy at the other. It will petrify you of strangers, make you wonder at the affect the past can have on a person; it will make you observe insanity pretty closely. But, this amalgamation of emotions will make this narrative one which can never be forgotten. An excellent read.


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