Superpower India: RIP!

India was struck by the biggest power failure in history last week. According to the reports, about seven hundred million people across 21 states had lost power. Roads were blocked, certain services in the hospitals were paused, water supply was interrupted, even factories and companies had to bear the brunt. A big concern during this power failure was also the fact that India’s image in the world would suffer and it would substantially kill the Indian growth story.

The Economic times covered the news with an effective headline: Superpower India, RIP! And to me it sounds so very apt. This article discusses about the growth of India, the inside politics, some unknown facts about power supply and the situation of India as a whole. A very educative, informative and good article written from the point of view of an American; posted in the NewYorker by Jonathan Shainin, it will leave you wondering and let you speculate on the country’s reputation and professed development.

Read here:

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