A Better Tomorrow…

Hi friends,

I am back after a lazy weekend. My apologies.

Today, I read a beautiful account. It is about Alex Masi, who is a renowned photographer and his protagonist Poonam, who hails from a very poor family in Bhopal, India. Poonam’s photograph was published in 2011 after it received the Photographer’s Giving Back award which eventually changed the life of Poonam’s family.

Its about Masi who is working hard to give Poonam and her family a worthy  reason to live and the means to have a good future. He wants Poonam and her siblings to attend school, be educated and grow up to be efficient professionals. His research and interest in the welfare of children belonging to an underprivileged section of the society has motivated him to spread Poonam’s story and inspire the well-to-do people to work for the needy. Masi will capture Poonam’s growth regularly and he pays recurrent visits to the Oriya Basti in Bhopal where her family stays. Its a fine piece of writing covered by the photography blog, Lens of the New York Times. Moreover, it is a  little closer to my heart because it talks of someone from my own home town, Bhopal.

Read here:


Also, if you want to know more about Poonam and Alex Masi’s story, from the photographer himself, click the link below:


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