Save Facebook with Zuckerberg!

This post is going to entertain everyone who is on Facebook and everyone who is not! So, basically no matter who you are, what you do, what you think or how you think:  This one is for all of you.

I wanted to add another ‘Fun Reads’ article but my obsession with Charlie Brooker made it a little tough for me to find something really appealing but not Charlie Brookerish! I happened to read the NewYorker’s section- The Borowitz Report and I was overwhelmed because I found just the right thing that I had been looking for. In the following article, Andy Borowitz talks about the market shares of Facebook in the form of letters that the founder Mark Zuckerberg writes to all the Facebook users.

This time I’ll give you two links because the second one is a follow-up of the first.

In the first letter, Zuckerberg makes an appeal to the users to become the potential investors of Facebook. It is indeed very funny and interesting. Read it here:

In the second letter, which Zuckerberg writes after Facebook’s shares almost crashed down in trading; he asks the users to click as many FB ads as possible to save their very own Facebook. Read this here:

I bet you’ll end up laughing 😀

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