Steve Jobs: Cherished Memories!

This one will move you. Mona Simpson writes about her brother, Steve Jobs and about his enthusiasm towards life, love and work. It is a sister’s eulogy for her brother after he died enveloping his existence and then his death. It is something that will grasp you in its magnificence and purity, only if you move ahead and read this entire piece, right till the end.

By the time you finish this off, you would have already imagined how Steve Jobs’ life was and the kind of person he had always been. It is a long-read but I couldn’t stop myself from reading it once,twice, thrice. I revere and adore Steve Jobs for what he was; and after I read this one,my belief that he was a distinguished man, an intelligent professional and a wonderful person got only stronger and deeper. Sneak a look  into the life of Steve Jobs. It will give you this ‘feel-good’ factor because it’s beautiful to know that such people have been a part of this world and will always exist to make this world a better place.

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