One Woman:Multiple Personalities!

This is a story about painter Kim Noble who is suffering from a rare disease called the Dissociative Identity Disorder(DID). Kim is not an individual in the real sense, rather she is an amalgamation of several distinct personalities which are very different from each other. Some are kids, some are old. Some love to work, some love to paint. Her life is complicated because she keeps switching from being one person to another. She lives with her daughter Aimee and two dogs. Kim has more than 100 separate personalities.

The article that I am referring to was published in the Guardian in 2011 and talks about Kim’s life in detail. It will let you know how life is for a person who has multiple personalities, all with different names and varied temperaments. Her daughter also explains how she loves all the persons that her mother is and can be. It is a nice detailed account about someone who is living a life much more intricate, odd and eccentric than we might have heard of.

The article is lengthy but informative and interesting.

Read here:

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