A Year Without the Internet!

Heard of Paul Miller? No, I am sure. Lets start here! Paul Miller is a technology-writer for the past seven years. He is this popular writer who posts about gadgets and technology ans is much-loved for his work. For now, Paul is on a mission. Strange, as it may seem, Paul is off the internet for a year. For some of us, it might sound easy when it really is not. Paul started with his mission on May 01, 12:01 AM and plans to stay off the internet completely till May 01, 2013.  He hasn’t clicked a link, sent an email, checked Twitter, sent a text message, Googled, or used a web browser since May, 01.

Life without the internet

In this article, he shares his experiences of the internet-less life that he is leading. He still writes articles on his IPad, which has been in the Airplane mode all this time; then his colleague takes the device, transfers the document to his/her own laptop and posts it online. He talks about how he is more focussed and conventional in his approach now. He gets more time to ‘connect’ with people and the reality. He writes more, reads more books and newspapers and has become more productive. He loves the internet, he says, but for now he has a lot more to describe which is just a click away:


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2 responses to “A Year Without the Internet!

  1. Jst imagine what wud happen to auhor of this blog if she is taken away from internet for few days!!!!!

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