China: Fight for Individual Rights!

The world is discussing about the Missouri Congressman, Todd Akin’s remarks about ‘legitimate rape‘. He claimed that women who suffer ‘legitimate rape’ rarely get pregnant. His remarks led into a huge outcry all over. The article that I am giving you here discusses about China and their concepts of public service and rape. Also, it throws light on the case of a mother, Tang Hui, fighting to provide justice to her daughter who was abducted, gang-raped and then forced into prostitution in 2006, when she was 11.


There is a brief mention of China’s one-child policy as well describing Feng Jianmei’s story, who was compelled to abort her seven month fetus in June 2012. This article published recently in the NewYorker is a fine write-up that will make one aware of certain issues in China which might have been neglected. I’d just say – Read this because it makes sense to know about the world and its different countries with their diverse concerns and customs.

After reading, if you want a better coverage of any of these stories, leave a comment or mail. I will cover the report for you!

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