Of Fathers and Babies!

Hi friends,

Happy Monday!  (though Mondays are rarely joyful and welcoming for most of us, but lets make it a happy one 🙂 ).

Today, to make the week’s beginning a little more relaxed, fun-filled and interesting, I thought I would bring you all back to an article by Charlie Brooker. I read this one months back in April but I could never convince myself enough to post it out here. I mean, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to talk about ‘babies‘ 🙂

Father and Baby

But then, babies are adorable and the stuff related to them, the positivity and liveliness they bring about in someone’s life, their chuckles, their smiles; everything about them is so full of life. Brooker became a father this year and this article talks about his experience in a rather candid, funny and emotional manner. I love this article for what it is: a delightful disposition from a father about the love he has for his child. Do read it because it has it all: humour, affection, sentiment and that weird feeling of giving your all when you become a parent.

Read here:


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