I Strive to be Beautiful!

How do I begin this? Probably I should say a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ or something. So, yes take whatever salutation you prefer.

Next, why am I doing this? Hmm, that’s again a relevant question. This blog  revolves around the world, the society, news, general knowledge and humor and all of that, this is not about me or some of those impractical and daft observations and stories from my life, or anybody else’s too. So, I wanted to have some space, some of it for myself and for LIFE. And trust me, I hate compelling any of you to read my ‘Reflections‘ (Gautam and GB you are exceptions, no matter what I will make you read it all 🙂 ). So, yes where was I? I am not imposing this whole thing on anyone, this space is for me! And I think I deserve this (After all it’s my blog lol ).


As I begin this, let me tell you something back from school times. I remember being probably 15-16 then. And I loved the ‘English’ language (which I love even today and will keep loving forever and ever 😉 ). So, yes , then we had this story in ‘English literature’ about a little boy and his grandmother who was very old. All through the story, the boy called his grandmother a beautiful lady. The account also concentrated on her grandmother’s frail and shaky body, those wrinkles all over her face; the creases that were always there on her forehead and yet, she was beautiful. Our teacher then enlightened us with a concept or belief that has remained with me till date. She told us that beauty does not depend on the colour of your skin, your height, weight, age or any of that. The essence of beauty lies in the essence of your soul. You have to have a beautiful soul. You have to have a loving heart. You have to be this person who radiates affection and exuberance. If you are all of this, you are a beautiful person. ‘What about outer appearances then?’ asked someone. To this she replied that a person who has an attractive face and a fine appearance is someone who is pretty and appealing and not necessarily beautiful.

This contemplation struck me. That day I decided that I wanted to be a beautiful person. And it may sound peculiar,but even today if somebody calls me ‘pretty’ it doesn’t affect me too much; but if I am called beautiful, it brings a smile on my face 🙂

Come on, Tell me what you think!

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