The Paralympic Games are Here!

The Olympic Games are over. All the enthusiasm  subdued. But, wait, because the ‘Paralympic Games‘ are coming and trust me, they deserves more respect, attention and acknowledgement. For those of you who do not know too much, The Paralympic Games are a major international multi-sport event where athletes with a physical disability compete; this includes athletes with mobile disabilities, amputations, blindness and cerebral palsy.

The Games begin today and will go on till the 9th of september. The article that I am referring to in this post appeared in The Huffington Post and discusses how watching the games is no less than meeting super-humans. The writer, Layla Anna-Lee discusses about the Games and their initiation. By the end, you will realize that by all means the participants are far ahead of the Olympians. This is an event not only of talent, hard-work and spirit, but also of strength, determination, optimism and miracles 🙂

Read Here:

Note: There are ten Indian participants in the Paralympic Games this year competing in different sports. Keep a watch 🙂


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