Gender Identity Disorder !

Let’s meet Zach Avery today; or do we call him ‘Zachy’? We’ll find out in this post.

Zach, a five year old boy, is the youngest child in the world to be diagnosed with the Gender Identity Disorder(GID). This disorder is a conflict between a person’s physical gender and the gender he or she identifies as. Individuals with this mental disorder are uncomfortable with their apparent or assigned gender and demonstrate persistent identification with the opposite sex.


The article that I am referring to in this post is from the DailyMail and was published earlier this year. It talks about Zach’s life, his choices  and his family. It gives one an insight about the life of a child suffering from GID and how his family, teachers and friends are doing all they can to make him feel comfortable. A good-read to make each one of us aware of certain conditions that we do not consider or deliberate on too much. I’d just say: There’s a lot happening all around, too many people who feel differently, who are uncommon and are repeatedly making an effort to cope up. We must accept them, the way they are.

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