Give Me a Smile: It Matters!


I have been reading, rather too much these days. No, not novels; not even the newspaper; I have been reading people. People I met here on WordPress. I have been reading what they feel, how they dream, why they love; I have been reading myself through them. WordPress happened, perhaps, a few weeks ago for me (and I am filled with gratitude towards my office which made it all feasible by not loading me with work and giving me all the time in the world to sense monotony which made me come here). I started sharing whatever I read; I began telling people (who read my blog) about the things happening around. I was reading too much when I started this off too; but then I was reading only to write; today I am reading to fill the void in my life. I am reading to remember my past-self, ponder on my present emotions and meet with my future image. I feel as if I am traveling. I believe I have been to all these places; be it Finland, Afghanistan, New York, London, Bangalore or Egypt along with the writers. I belong here, at WordPress because it has satiated my life with some sort of an obsession- the obsession to read and the obsession to write. It makes me reflect about relevant things; it helps me contemplate on the gaps of my heart; it brings me closer to my own self.

I Thank You WordPress for letting me breathe in the air of words. The worthy element of this life with WP is that I never wish to bring this to a close. I enjoy being in this part of the world so much that no matter what I say, all that I think of, anything I imagine and dream of- revolves around the things that I read here and the words that I write or aspire to write.

I started writing when I was 10 or 11. I remember I always had a diary, a journal that was my secret best friend then. I had even christened her as ‘Happiness’. Now, I do not really know – ‘Why this name’ but most likely I was too small to know too many tough words and I always loved being happy and in high spirits. So, I called her- Happiness. Wondering why did I consider her a ‘girl’? That happened almost certainly because I studied in a Girls’ Convent school and I never believed back then that boys can be good people. For me, all my good friends had to be girls (It seems so inane today when the condition is just the opposite).  So, yes, back to ‘Happiness’: I shared everything with my journal, all I felt and all I faced. I wrote about my friends and those trivial issues that used to make me anxious. I wrote about Mom reprimanding me and Dad loving me, all the same. I wrote about those brawls I had with my brother and the tests that bothered me at school. I wrote about dreams; wishing to be a Doctor one day and a badminton player the next day. It went on. Life literally transformed; my dreams, friends, situations, beliefs, ideas, relationships: all of it changed. But, what truly never changed was my love for Writing.

You, all of you at WordPress and other places, have made it achievable. Thank you for reading my words and liking them every now and then. Thank you for the comments, for the encouragement and for being the motivation which makes me put pen to paper. I know I will take time; months or years may be; to write words that shape lives and make people reflect and beam. And I know you will give me the time, willingly and gladly. For now, just as a little act of benevolence: give me a smile because it lets me know: You’ll be there 🙂 (God, even you are supposed to do that; right now!!! )

Note: I wrote half of this post about three days back and intended to complete it and post it then and there. However, at last, they encumbered me with work at my workplace; the instant I appreciated them here. Now that was too ironical!

2 responses to “Give Me a Smile: It Matters!

  1. this is so me!! I can spend hours reading into other peoples minds and emotions. I love being able to explore from the comfort of my laptop 🙂

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