Are You Being Conned?

Who all are fascinated to stories of con men? And how would it be if I talk about the smoothest con man that ever lived? This is an article about Victor Lustig who duped people in the most clever and persuasive ways. No one could ever get hold of Lustig. In this post, I will direct you towards an article published with the Smithsonian Magazine which discusses about Lustig and his scams.


He did it all: lured people to buy money boxes, signed forged deals and the best of all: Lustig sold the Eiffel tower. When he was caught by the police, he managed to escape from the prison in broad day light. He was nicknamed- the Count. Click below to read more and enter into the world of swindlers who defraud and cheat the world. That might help you as well to protect yourself from the crooks 😉


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