What If the World Ends Today?

The other day while I was working, a mail popped up. The subject read- “2012, is the world nearing its end?” I got this ‘that’s-so-daft’ sensation and carried on with my chores. Later, when I got some time off work, I coerced myself to think about it. How would it be if the whole thing, in reality, comes to an end; if the entire populace is wiped off the earth? And there is nothing left other than ‘nothingness’. Now obviously even I wouldn’t be alive to see how ‘nothingness’ looks like but I was a little bothered over the fact that if I died and became a zombie or a ghost, there would be no one living whom I could jolt with my tricks. Sadly, my ultimate preparation for a ‘life after death’ might not be triumphant after all. In that situation I would be bored to death; not disregarding the fact that I would have already been dead. No, 21  Dec 2012 must not put a stop to the world. However, I can spot groups confer about it, picturing how it all would be and I consent that only out-of-work people tend to do that too much; but what if it really ends?

A few days back, while I was watching the television with my room mate; both of us slightly uninterested and worn-out started discussing on the subject of the destruction happening all over. We discussed about the Colorado shooting, the Wisconsin Temple Shooting, the Assam riots, the Syrian revolt and even about a serial bomb blast that took place in the city I live. These blasts had no significance whatsoever because they were more of an act of mischief, nothing severe happened (touchwood) but people did get frightened (a bit). Okay, so my room mate said- “All the dreadful things are coming up this year. See, people are dying and getting murdered. This is how it happened in the movie 2012. I know what they showed was way bigger and more catastrophic. But, small calamities and attacks led to the bigger thing: And the world ended. (Period).”

I laughed and replied- “No, obviously the world won’t finish off so easily. Even God’s going to take time.”

Before I could say any more, the news flashed on TV- “Strong quakes jolt North Western Iran. More than 200 people killed.”

And, to this, we said in unison- “Oh shit!”

For a moment, I sincerely contemplated: ‘Is this the indication that something really bad is going to occur soon.’ Nevertheless, I dodged my thoughts away and allowed life to move on. And it is moving. Even now.

Also, when I met a few friends over the weekend, we talked about The End. One of them said- “All good things come to an end.”

That had me thinking- “Is the world good enough to come to a close?”

No, its not as good as “good” should actually be. So, sure, nothing is going to happen. We all will keep working, eating, sleeping, loving, hating, screwing our asses out, suffering, smiling, crying, losing…Every bit of it will go on. If you think 22nd Dec 2012 will help you escape from the world’s ruthless realism; you are mistaken. And you know it better than I do.

Yet, come on lets think- “What if it really ends?” 😉


Yes, so when I was pondering upon this ‘not-at-all-possible’ idea, I realized that there was too much left to do before dying. So, doing at least the major part of those “1000 things to do before I die” list made sense. So, I thought of jotting down some of them, which had to be accomplished before 21st Dec 2012. Alas, for every solution of a problem, a new hitch crops up. Consequently, the few important things I ought to do before dying turned out to be the following:

  1. Quit my job: Yes, I mean it. I am working in an MNC (sounds amazing, right?) as a Software Engineer and the job is imperative to me only because I get paid, the people around are nice, I have my own cubicle with a computer and a decent internet connection so I get my space and… and what? Nothing. I must quit the job and work for something that I believe in and care for. Fortunately, I have enough money and sufficient friends(who can lend me money) for having a ‘gala’ time till 21st Dec 2012. But, hey! What if I spend it all and the world is still “ALIVE”; staring me right in my eyes and saying- ‘Ha ha. I fooled ya!’ So, I cannot do this one. Sad.
  1. Get married: Hmm, getting married before you die is essential and exciting. For now, I am not even engaged. So, I do not ‘deserve’ death. This means, I cannot let the world cease-to-be before I get married. I find the 12/12/12 date pretty cool. But (slap on my face) I cannot marry this early. Because, what if the world doesn’t end? Moreover, my parents (who definitely do not expect the 2012 disaster thing to be true) would never let me do this. So, a big NO here, again.
  1. Get Freshly Pressed: At this instant, I am approaching some more ‘viable’ goals although I must tell everyone- ‘I will not die before getting a ‘Freshly Pressed’ tag for any of my posts.’ What this truly means is: I am supposed to write and write and write (good stuff) before 21st Dec 2012 so that at least one of my works is pressed. Please, WordPress Gods; take me seriously; I am not going back before you do this for me.
  1. Visit Paris/ Vancouver (one of the two, at least): I have always been fascinated to Paris. I so want to go there. Also, Vancouver entered my “must-go” list when my best friend went there for her animation courses. All through this time, I kept promising her- ‘I will come before you leave Canada. We will have fun. We will party and we will rock the world.’ (Come back to earth girl). Sadly, both plans cannot work out. For both of these, I need money and time and that implies I need to quit my job which has already implied that life would become miserable if eventually the world doesn’t end. Sorry Me.
  1. Tell people I love them: I placed this as the last thing on my list; regardless to say this one is the most essential and pertinent to me. I have to tell everyone how much I love them and what they mean to me. And I can do this today, tomorrow and every day till the world, in actuality, closes down.

Mom, Dad, my brother, my cousins, my entire family, my best friends, my room mates, my ‘good’ friends, my ‘not-so-good’ friends, my facebook friends, my neighbors, all the relatives, my colleagues, all bloggers, my readers, my ‘non-readers’, my maid, the milkman, the grocer, the bus driver and the list can never come to a halt (even If the world does end):   Thank you for being a valuable element of my life. My world wouldn’t have been as delightful and momentous if you hadn’t been there. I love you and revere you for what you are.

Having said this, I wonder- ‘What if the world ends today?

11 responses to “What If the World Ends Today?

  1. Oh the 2012 phenomena. Don’t get deceived by false prophets. The only motivation for these fools is money. Bible defined false prophets as: I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem an horrible thing: they commit adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none doth return from his wickedness: they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah (Jer. 23:14)

  2. I loved your thoughts. And yes, they are so much like mine! The way you think about the world ending, the things you need to do before it does…everything’s so similar. I would have a lot more on my to-do list, but, in essence, I guess it can be cut down to the 5 that you have mentioned (most of my to-do things can be done only if i quit my job, anyway!). And PARIS! It’s my dream destination! I don’t attach much significance to marriage as such, but yes, I want to meet the one meant for me (my awesome guy) before the world ends. I suppose that comes in the same category. And the last one? Always features on my top five! Just in case the world ends today, I want you to know that I love your blog. It’s awesome, I love your thoughts, they are so similar to mine. I’m glad we connected. 🙂

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