Female Genital Mutilation: Is It Justified?

Apologies for turning up so late. I was pretty sick over the weekend which kept me away from doing all the research, reading newer stories and coming up with the best of them for all of you. I have been working on a report, related to the Middle East Women, which I might post soon; but for now I thought I ought to pass on a link to an article discussing another social issue which has been neglected all this while. I read about female genital mutilation a long time back; however, when I initiated certain discussions over the subject with my friends or colleagues, I realized that people do not yet know what it’s all about. According to the definition stated by the World Health Organisation, Female genital mutilation comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.


The article referred here appeared in the Huffington Post recently and is a fine and short document concerning this crime against women. Reading this would give one the crucial knowledge of this procedure and an outline of the reasons and the nations where it is followed. It is an informative and educative read especially for those oblivious of this misdemeanor.

Read here:


7 responses to “Female Genital Mutilation: Is It Justified?

    • Hi. I started with this blog about a month back. And I am hooked to it 😉 Though it gets a little tough to do as much as I would have wanted to cuz of my job and all. Thanks for stopping by! I wish to get better.

  1. I’ve read about this when I was in university and I was really shocked to find out that they do this “female circumcision” in Egypt, Sudan, Mali, etc. 😦

      • True. I remember being disgusted myself when I first heard about it. I just told this to my colleagues and I was taken aback when they don’t know about it. It’s too horrible a practice in those countries TT It’s like being a woman is a crime with a heavy punishment to pay

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