The Anti-Muhammad Movie and its Aftermath!

By now, most of you must be aware of the attack on the US consulate in Libya; so I might be a little behind schedule in talking with reference to this matter. However, I thought it ought to be covered particularly for those who are oblivious of the entire account behind this violence and the anti-Islam movie- ‘Innocence of Muslims.’ Let’s get into the minutiae from the very beginning. An amateurish film produced in the United States was released months ago for a short-lived phase in a single American theatre. In addition, a twelve minutes trailer of the movie appeared on YouTube. The actual trouble fired up when an Arabic dubbed edition of the trailer was featured on the site. This caught the notice of certain Arab protestors and in due course various protests sprang up in the Middle East. The movie insults Prophet Muhammad and is a satirical attempt to portray Him as a senseless, womanizing character who voluntarily misconstrued the Koran to suit his own needs. The film, though unprofessional and of low production values, infuriated the Muslims all over because of its content. Further, the religion of Islam forbids any physical depiction of the Prophet; however here the picture mocked him and his principles.


The protests originally started in Egypt and Libya but now have stretched across to Yemen, Iran, Tunisia and the Gaza Strip. Google has constrained the access to the film’s clips in the countries affected by the demonstration. Following the protests, another confrontation in Libya made matters severe. During a campaign over the film, the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens along with three other State Department Employees was killed in an attack on US consulate in Benghazi, Libya on 11 September, 2012. Another assail on the US Embassy took place on the same day in Cairo, Egypt. Several speculations have aroused ever since to learn whether the attack was a planned terrorist endeavor or an act of violence carried out by a small group of Muslim extremists.

Moreover, the cast and crew of the movie have disowned it and revealed that they had been recruited for a movie named ‘Desert Warriors’ and the script bore no resemblance or reference to Prophet Muhammad. The actors said that the lines had been dubbed and they were apparently misled about its intention and purpose. Quite a few investigations led to the recognition of the maker of the movie- Sam Bacile who was initially considered an Israeli Jewish. According to an interview of Steven Klein, allegedly a consultant on the film, Sam Bacile is no real person and it was a pseudonym. Klein had met Bacile twice but he doesn’t know which country he comes from. Consequently, another man, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, has been identified as the person behind the film. Nakoula consented to being involved in the movie but he denies any allegations of him being Sam Bacile.


Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi has directed the Egyptian Embassy in the US to take legal action against the makers of the film. US Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney used the US Consulate attack as a prospect to denigrate Obama and his procedures which resulted in a backlash on his own image. In Libya, several citizens have come down on the streets condemning the killing of the American ambassador. So, once again, the world is suffering a jolt in the name of religion. There are several people supporting the movie and most of them stand against its creation. There are rallies, harassment, disgust, turmoil, disapproval, difficulties, contemplations and most of all a bustle which is impairing the harmony that was supposed to subsist.

I am not worthy enough to comment on such a crucial subject but it perturbs me to see that –‘There is no God, only religion.’ When we were kids, we were taught that God is One. Thus Muhamad, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Ram, Mahavir, Gurunanak: they are all the same with different pseudo-images and our God must be remorseful today for having created something called Religion

References: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, The Guardian,, Daily Beast, The Atlantic etc.

In addition, a commendable piece of writing on this subject matter appeared in the DailyBeast which discusses Why Do Libya and Egypt Hate America?  Do read it for a better interpretation of ideas and beliefs. This one is worth a shot!

2 responses to “The Anti-Muhammad Movie and its Aftermath!

  1. You can be a news writer what with all those significant details! Bravo. I have also written about this subject matter though I braved the controversy and shared my opinion. Sometimes I’m still a little scared with the thought that someone might not like my sentiments T.T

  2. Thank you for reading. I would just say, write for yourself and not only for the readers. I keep reminding myself the same thing and that is what pesters me to write what I think and feel, candidly and honestly. And your sentiments are your own; I do not think people have the right to ‘dislike’ them and even if they do, it shouldn’t bother you 🙂

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