We Miss You Sneh!

Death. Literally death means “the end of life”. When I write this post, I gather all the courage in my heart and soul to convey what I’ve been feeling.

Life is limited. I’ve always taken life for granted, never mulled over the fact that we all will abandon this world someday. Someday our life will lose its pace. Someday our breaths will take a halt. Someday all the ideas, the plans, the liveliness would shatter all of a sudden and life won’t be “life” anymore.

I’ll never forget those eyes, that exhilaration, the charisma and the dreams that her heart held.  I’ll never forget those steps where we sat one day to talk about death. I’ll never forget the comfort she always gave me and the affection and concern she had for me. I’ll never forget those endless discussions we had about each emotion, every wish, every smile, every tear and every fraction of life.

When the rain drops touch me, when the stars twinkle, when the sun beams, I just try to sense her presence in every bit of nature. Maybe because I can’t accept that she has left me, because I know that she never wanted to go. She always loved no matter what I wrote and today when I write this for her, I can’t put a stop to the tears that wet my face, the tears that are still waiting for her to come and wipe them off.

After she left this world death seems to be so different altogether. I know death can’t be something that’s spiteful or cruel. Death can’t be darkness in light. Death can’t be desolation and misery. Death can’t be insensitive and numb. Death can’t be an end because she holds brightness and light, a fearless and beautiful aura and I know that wherever she is must be a place of tranquility, purity, love and life – a life better and more absolute than any person can envision.

“You’ll forever be there in my heart. I know I’ll miss you terribly for eternity, but  I’ve been trying to feel you and I can live through the consciousness that  you’re there, gazing at me, smiling and striving to let me know that you’re happy and life is beautiful 🙂 ”

Note: This post is about Sneh. Today is her birthday and she would have been 23 if she was with us. She passed away on Aug 11, 2008. I wrote this for her shortly after that. Today, I am posting it here (taken from my other blog A SMILE) and I dedicate this day to her. May God bless her soul. We all miss her a lot. 

5 responses to “We Miss You Sneh!

    • Thank you. I wrote this close to four years back and when I read it again today, I felt it ought to be shared..though it could have been written more beautifully..(this is what the Present Me thinks)…but then for now this depicted what I had actually felt when all of that happened…that prompted me to put it here. Thanks for reading 🙂

      • I think leaving as it originally was means the raw emotions are there – maybe that’s what makes it beautiful? – the honesty?
        It made me think of my Nana, I like the line “Death can’t be an END because she holds luminosity, a beam, a fearless and beautiful aura and I know that wherever she is must be a place of tranquility, purity, love and “LIFE”… A life better and more absolute than any person can envision.” exactly how I feel. Thank you

  1. True, the honesty matters the most and that is why I knew this post was special. And you’re welcome. Death is a really depressing phenomenon ..hard to cope up with…especially for those who are left behind. I have lost two very beautiful and loving people in my life to death and that makes me believe that it cannot be cruel if it came to them so early. I know God is with all of them: Sneh, my aunt and your Nana and they are blessing us 🙂

  2. broke my heart! can very well understand the pain of losing a loved one, they continue to live on & haunt our memories… the day we are liberated from their memories would be the day when we cease to exist… may she attain nirvana- the eternal bliss!

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