A Lazy Weekend and Lazy ME!


I am not clear in my mind how to start and where to start. It’s Monday and by and large I do not like Monday mornings because I do not find myself  done with ‘the spirit of the weekend’. Eventually, every Monday I keep waiting for the coming Friday.  This goes on and on each week. Thus, at present, I am in fact drowsy; a little adrift, somewhat bemused and bored (even though I have work at office).

Since I do not know what to write, I will talk of the weekend and the stuff I yearned to do on the two special days which have already ended. Sob 😦

At least that wouldn’t irk me (hope it holds your interest as well)

Ten Things I Planned To Do This Weekend:

  1. Sleep: For me the authentic basis for loving a ‘weekend’ is that I can sleep a lot more than I do on ordinary arduous weekdays. Therefore, I truly craved to be asleep for no less than ten hours on both Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Watch ‘Barfi’: I wanted to watch this Bollywood movie which released on Friday as the trailer jolted my heart which told me: This must be great!
  3. Do the laundry: I had accumulated a huge pile of clothes to be washed over the weekend and this was an imperative chore which needed my attention and devotion. Haha 😛
  4. Cleaning my wardrobe: You must be oblivious of the fact that I hate laundering and dusting. But, my clothes have been falling off my wardrobe for weeks now so I needed to finally take the plunge and urge myself to clean the whole mess.
  5. Read a book: I have been meaning to read Shantaram, The Kite Runner and Nineteen Eighty Four since months now. Subsequently, I wanted to go ahead with any of them.
  6. Cook something scrumptious: Now, there was a great deal I wanted to cook this time. My room mate expected me to cook pasta and noodles and manchurian and all of that as she was going to leave. Hence, I was supposed to focus on all her wishes.
  7. Go to the market: The marketplace (where I usually go), is roughly 200 m from my home and I wanted to buy veggies and fruits and all that important domestic stuff. Who gets time to do all this on weekdays after all?
  8. Plan a surprise: Currently, this is a surprise and will be one since I can’t unveil any of it. There are birthdays coming up 😉
  9. Talk: Yes, this ‘desire’ appears droll because I don’t have to to wait for the weekends to speak, but more often than not I meet a lot of people during the weekend and then everybody in the world has the time to talk to me over the phone only on weekends. So, I wanted to catch up with my family and friends.
  10. Relax and be myself 🙂

What Really Happened and Why?

  1. Couldn’t sleep for even an average of seven hours. Had friends around, then an early morning movie show (okay, you guessed it right) and other worthless explanations which didn’t let me exploit the weekend to the fullest.
  2. Yes, I watched Barfi and it made my heart melt. I was crying and laughing at the same instant. It seemed lovely to see the untainted love between a speech-and-hearing impaired boy and an autistic girl. Beautiful, it was.
  3. Sorry, I couldn’t do this. Reason: I am lazy.
  4. Sorry, I couldn’t even do this. Reason: I am lazy.
  5. Okay. The reason is: I am lazy.
  6. Cooking. Yes, I did cook some things. Not all the planned stuff though. Schezwan(Sichuan) Noodles at last got lucky. They turned out to be appetizing. Could have been better, I agree.
  7. Haha. I am lazy.
  8. Didn’t do too much regarding this goal as well. Made random plans, reflected on vague ideas and got over with it.
  9. I did talk a lot. Especially yesterday, when I sat for close to three hours, talking to my room mates. The worthy element of the conversation was that, it was consequential and delightful. Probably, that was the preeminent part of this weekend.
  10. Sure, I could do this one too and the apparent reason is: I am lazy!

So what did you do on the weekend? Also, I will be glad to know if you’re lazy too 😉

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