Let’s Imagine and Smile!

I am pretty occupied these days and there is too much going on because of which it turns out to be quite implausible to write that often. I thought I would at least drop in and say ‘Hello’ to the people who read this and as I do it, I will talk a little about imagination.

The other day, my best friend and I were conversing about things we imagined when we were kids; ideas we envision even now. The most astonishing part of imagination is that you always bend it and mould it to show you what you desire in life. So, if I feel like eating an ice cream, I can imagine what ice cream I am eating, the topping, the elation, all of it no matter where I am and at what time. Every night while I sleep, I can imagine how the next day is going to be, I can add my strokes, my wishes, my plans and I can see just the right day coming along when in reality, nothing of the sort happens. That is when I felt so positive about having the power to imagine. I can look at my life, the perfectly desired life, from a short distance. And I can be happy, if I choose to be. Sure, imagining a lot is not constructive because we cannot always be a part of a ‘dreamy’ and vague world that never existed and can never exist. We ought to accept the realism and live in it. However once in a while, when things don’t suit us, when sorrow envelopes, when dreams more or less smash; at that time, it makes sense to steal a moment to envisage parts of our life in our own light and smile.

I am sure each of you reading this has imagined about pleasant times, awful periods and even middle-of-the-road moments of the kind brought about by reality. Tell me don’t you enjoy imagination? Yes, reflect, imagine and more than anything else: SMILE! Because that’s what we are in this world for 🙂

One response to “Let’s Imagine and Smile!

  1. inspiring! One said that if you really believe and think that this thing will happen, it will happen. The power of imagination 🙂

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