A Little Out of Place ( And Pace )!

Good Morning! I have been ‘missing’ since a long time. It has been so many days since I last wrote, or I last read. Believe me; I am not pompous about this. I mean, I have been feeling terrible all this time for having not written at all. I ought to be more regular and devoted, but I have been busy. Yes, busy, occupied and eventful, roaming around, meeting people, traveling, worrying, thinking, feeling good, feeling bad, eating, working, shopping, smiling, crying…every bit of all this has been happening. The last few days brought about so much and it has been fun, for sure, but why couldn’t I write? Even today, I cannot write with all my heart because at the back of my mind I am thinking about all the work I have to get done with. There’s an Advanced Java Spring Portlet thing that I need to modify for the desired results (okay don’t worry, even I don’t know what is it all about), then there is some session under which I have to learn about a complete Web Services application because they somehow told me I would be the point of contact for people who are concerned with it (wait, what is that? Do I know what’s happening?)

I need to do something relevant, right? I will, I really will. So, I am going to get back to myself pretty soon. I will keep all the problems at bay (or will try to) and move ahead towards things that matter. I remember meeting a person on my flight yesterday who asked me what happiness meant. I told him that for me happiness came from within; thus no matter how awful things get, you can be happy only if you choose to be happy. He seemed satisfied with my answer. I felt delightful as well for the authenticity that my words held; for that moment, that setting.

And now when I think of it, I make a hasty resolution for myself: I choose to be happy!


4 responses to “A Little Out of Place ( And Pace )!

  1. Wow. Nice resolution. That stranger you met is deep. 🙂 I think I want this happy outlook in life, too. Thanks for sharing.

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