J.K Rowling’s New Triumph!

If you are reading this post, there has to be a rationale behind it. One explanation is that you are a J.K Rowling admirer; another may be your love for the Harry Potter series and apparently there must be this curiosity to know about Rowling’s latest book ‘The Casual Vacancy’ which is sort of fascinating the habitual readers’ world these days. Now, sincerely I do not know how this book is since I haven’t read it yet. I know like you all do that –‘It is not a children’s novel’, ‘It is not magical’, ‘It revolves around the adult world: miserable, atrocious, sadistic.’ Nevertheless it is a J.K Rowling creation just like ‘Harry Potter’ is. For any person who is fond of reading, the Potter series transformed the way of life. The Harry Potter Series enthralled us, petrified us; it made us feel, it made us chuckle, it made us weep. It made the world slightly unusual for every individual who read those seven books (or even some of them).


With this post, I endeavor to bring you a little closer to ‘The Casual Vacancy’ with a link to an article published in The Telegraph which discusses a wide range of reviews of the book by some of the best critics. Read these excerpts from the analysis of the book to decide whether you want to read this book as desperately as was the situation with the previous books by J.K Rowling or whether you would take your time, move at your own pace because this book is no Harry Potter.

Read here to find out what the critics say:


And Oh! I wish there was more of Harry Potter left (Sob!)

9 responses to “J.K Rowling’s New Triumph!

  1. Before, I don’t want to read this new novel of J.K’s. I want to preserve this glorious image of her writing the HP series. However, I decided recently to give it a try. 🙂

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