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Okay so it’s Monday again. The weekend flew off quicker this time although it sure was pretty eventful. So, it had all of it ranging from being stuck in a heavy rainfall to meeting some amazing tattoo artists and washing a record-breaking number of clothes to spending a lot of time with people who matter. It must be rather evident that I am sleepy at the moment; like very sleepy because it’s Monday morning and I slept quite late last night because of a dear friend’s birthday celebration (Happy Birthday, Shaily 🙂 ).

I intended to write something fine and realistic today but that’s a little taxing; so I thought I would share with you the news (yes, good news) that I was nominated again for the Liebster Award. This time I got the nomination from lazylauramaisey who is one of my favorite bloggers at WordPress. I rarely miss out on any of her posts and whatever she writes about, be it food or travel or love or life or work: each of it is great FUN. Thank you, Laura, for the nomination. I am overwhelmed.


Since I recently wrote a post on being nominated for the Liebster Award by mystudentstruggles, this time I would not follow the entire procedure. I feel slightly indolent to post questions and nominate other bloggers I love (I leave that for another day). What I am going to do right here is that I would answer the questions posed to me by lazylauramaisey to do at least half of the award acceptance procedure and give people something to read (on a dreary and slothful Monday morning).

Below are the questions and my answers to them. I hope you enjoy reading :

1. You go to the fridge and all you find are some garlic bulbs, celery sticks, marmalade, an aubergine, double cream and chilli chocolate. What do you make?

I order a pizza. Haha. I might mix and match up things to cook something if I am in the mood to experiment but if I am super-hungry, I would definitely order a pizza.

2. What is your favourite part of the day?

I love the night. There are different reasons for that. On a weekday, I love the night because its time to sleep after a long and tiring day. On a weekend, I love the night because that is when I introspect. Irrespective of the day it is, the night-time somehow makes me feel at ease with myself. I love the feeling, the emotion, the splendor and the serenity that the night brings with itself.

3. You can only listen to one song for the rest of your life. Which one is it?

Honestly, there are many and it is so very daunting to pick one of them but if I had to decide on an English song, I would go with: ‘I hope you dance’ by Ronan Keating. If allowed to mention a hymn, I would love to listen to  ‘Satnaam Waheguru’  ( a beautiful hymn heard normally at Sikh Temples, Gurudwaras sung in the Punjabi language).

Both these songs instigate me, heal me and make me feel very positive.

4. How do you feel about Paulo Coelho?

When I read this question, I knew I had to do this post. Paulo Coelho somehow has been my inspiration. When I read his work, I can hear my heart speak. The first Coelho book that I read was ‘Eleven Minutes’ and as I finished reading it, I realized I had learned and comprehended a lot about life. I loved the book and still love it for the beauty it holds. After that, I read many of his books, one by one. He has been one of my most preferred authors and I strongly admire him. He helped me find the ‘me’ in myself, he helped me think, sense, believe and share. I have not read the last two books by Coelho because I craved for a different genre after reading many of his works incessantly. However, I still read his blog and some of those very inspiring stories posted at I am glad I love to read because the very love for reading brought me closer to Paulo Coelho.

5. How many of the wonders of the world have you seen?

I feel guilty but I confess: None!

6. What is your favourite place in the world?

When you talk about ‘one’ place, then apparently the most favorite for me would be my home. I love ‘Bhopal’ , a beautiful city in Central India where I was born and brought up. No matter where I go and the number of places I visit in this lifetime, nothing can match up to this place. This city has very beautiful lakes and a much-loved culture. For me, it holds the most marvelous memories of childhood, of school, of family, of friends, of food, of craze, of beauty. I feel fortunate to have lived there for a major part of my life.


7. How long do you stick with a book you’re not enjoying before you give up? Do you give up?

My answer to this question might not be pretty straightforward because it depends on a number of factors. Normally, when I start reading a book, I read no less than the first 4 or 5 chapters before deciding if I can read the whole of it. There have been certain times when I left reading a book midway because it could not hold my interest but many times (especially if the book has been appraised by everyone, from reviewers to friends),  I try to go on reading to the end to find out what made the book that eminent and appreciated.

8. Do you think Kylie Minogue should make a comeback?

How does it even matter to me?

9. I’d like some good life advice. Do you have any?

I am not sure if I am gifted enough to advice people for their lives but when it comes to personal experiences, I have learnt that problems make you stronger. We crib, we cry, we get frustrated whenever we are faced with tough times, but eventually we realize that the tribulations make us what we are. Problems help us shape ourselves, our thoughts, our dreams and beliefs. It is easier to smile at the simplest of things if you have faced intricate and miserable situations. Its like how they say, you can value happiness only when you have met sadness.


10. I’m thinking of taking a minibreak for my next birthday. Any ideas?

The minibreak in itself is an remarkable idea. I would say give this time to ‘you’, solely. Make this birthday special by doing each and everything that you want to without being concerned about the world around. This is your birthday and your opportunity to pamper your self. You can plan the ‘Great Birthday Event’ for a stretch of a week or something with different tasks for each day. When I say tasks, I do not mean ‘tasks’, I mean stuff that makes you happy, genuinely.

11. Zombie films… Love or hate?

I stand exactly in the middle. For me, it depends on the company I have when I am watching the film 😉

So, with this I am done with the questions posted by Laura. Thanks again for the recognition. Before signing off, I’d say (like I always do) Keep Reading 🙂

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    • Thank you. It is not awards that make me happy…it is people like you who read what I write who bring a smile on my face. Thanks a tonne!

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