The Forgotten India!

The movement has begun and the protesters are in full swing to ask for the justice they deserve, to demand for the land that should be theirs. This is about India and its underprivileged farmers and peasants who have stood up for their rights. Tens of thousands of poor farmers, peasants and members of some tribal communities have set out on a 200-mile march to Delhi. Reports claim that the protesters have come together from as many as 25 states of the country under a non-violent social movement working on land and forest rights. The organization behind this march is called the ‘Ekta Parishad’ and the organizers intend to confront the leaders of the nation and put forward the problems faced by thousands of landless and deprived farmers. This march is against the rapid industrialization which is swiping away the interests of the villagers who are inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s ideal of a realm of self-sufficient villages. The march began a day after the birth-anniversary of Gandhi (Gandhi Jayanti), 3rd October, from Gwalior in Central India.


The article that I present you with has discussed the situation in the correct approach. Published in The Guardian, it highlights the plight of rural India and gives this march a global perspective. This is a must-read editorial which makes one aware of the condition of one significant fraction of India which is often neglected. Do read and share your views.

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