About Life In Karachi !

I read an article a few days back which appeared in The New Republic and when I was done with it, I knew that it ought to be shared. This was written by Mohammad Hanif, a resident of Karachi, Pakistan after a motorcycle bomb went off in the vicinity of the Chinese consulate in Karachi which is just two streets away from his house. Hanif calls Karachi the most violent city of the world and describes the life there: both good and bad. I like the write-up for its integrity and decency and I think you should go ahead and read this one to have a broader view of a writer’s life amidst all the hostility, attacks and trepidation. He describes how, despite the bitter realism behind the life in Karachi, there is this charm and beauty about the city which makes him take pleasure in his survival. That is why he calls his article: The Good Life in the World’s Most Violent city.


Hence, no matter which part of the world you live in, read this to get a flavour of the life in Hanif’s sweet home, Karachi. Believe me, as you come to an end, you’ll be glad to have read it.


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