The iPad-mini from Apple!

Hey friends, I am back with something related to ‘Technology’ even though you all must have already guessed that I am not a tech-person really. My brother on the other hand is a technology enthusiast and keeps a tab on whatever new keeps coming in the tech arena. Recently he told me about the iPad mini which is going to be announced tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd October. The iPad mini will be Apple’s first attempt on a 7.85-inch tablet which will face competition from the much-awaited Microsoft Surface. As reports assert, two years back in 2010, Steve Jobs had mocked the 7-inch tablet concept calling such gadgets as “tweeners”. The rumours of the announcement of the iPad-mini have consequently met many speculations and questions already from the tech-gurus. All the technology buffs are therefore eagerly waiting for the 23rd Oct Apple event especially concentrating on the price that will be stated for this device.

apple ipad mini-mock

One of the best technology blogs ever, GigaOm discusses about the iPad mini, Apple and its competition with its rivals namely Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Read here to know more about the expectations and the assumptions concerning Apple’s latest device to be: the iPad mini.

And tomorrow, Apple will reveal it all. Follow GigaOm and its live blogs for the same.

Come on, Tell me what you think!

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