Do Pakistanis Hate America?

The relationship between Pakistan and the US has always been under speculations. Keeping in mind the most recent occurrences, we might as well say that Pakistan hates America; however, we are unsure about the legitimacy behind it all. It’s all a game of expectations. The US expects Pakistan to conform to a specific standard of living and cease harbouring terrorists. On the other hand, Pakistan expects the US to help with the overall development of the nation. Somewhere down the line, both the nations are eventually disappointed with each other. The anti-US sentiment has been flourishing in Pakistan since the last few years but how is it going to change the world and international relations? The article that I will present you with today appeared in the Al-Jazeera and describes this controversial yet significant association between Pakistan and America. It also talks about the drone strikes wherein the US government attacks certain parts of Pakistan as a part of their War on Terrorism programme. Pakistan claims that the strikes have killed more civilians than the Al-Qaeda or Taliban militants.


Now, that the US Presidential Elections are going on, this write-up discusses how the elected President might affect the ties between the two nations and how Pakistan counted on Obama to bring about a positive transformation when he was elected four years ago. Read this article to ponder upon the bond shared by Pakistan and America.

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