Be With Me!

I knew this time would come, eventually. This time when I would lose touch with writing for a certain period, when I would not be very regular with my blog; when I would not also devote the right amount of time to reading; yes that time persists. Presently, I am no more sick or frustrated. I took a long holiday and I had gone home to celebrate the beautiful Indian festival of lights, Diwali, with my family. I joined work today after about ten days. The first few hours I couldn’t understand how to get back to it; to the routine I was accustomed to. Now, I am trying to start over passionately, with work, reading, and writing; all of it. Figuratively, I have been away from the world for about a month. I do not know what has been happening around. I do not know what the world is facing in context of the immediate crisis, riots, deaths, investigations etc. When I started off with this blog, I was obsessed with it. I loved reading more and more to be able to write as much. The last one month has sort of decelerated the whole thing and the time I feared is there, right in front of me. The moment in time when I should to do all I can to be at peace with myself; when I need to immerse myself in the world that I crave to build; when I wish for people to understand and to let me make mistakes because it’s all about getting back and its all about yearning for readers to hang on and not abscond the words I write.

They call it writer’s block sometimes when it gets difficult for a writer to let her emotions, ideas, perceptions flow without restraint. It might take time but I assure you that I will pace up this transition. I will write because every iota of it gives me the sort of satisfaction that nothing can ever endow me with. I request you to instigate me, coerce me, love me and be there during the phase whilst I am trying to get back to things that essentially, justly, truly matter. Who better can comprehend the support I wish for than a writer herself? (Okay or ‘himself’)


As I end this post, I will give you some links. Now, why I am doing this is that, we all deserve to read. I provide you here with five write-ups that you might have a look on to continue reading stuff with me till I do some introspection, read, research, jot down and write.

1. This is a beautiful account by a fellow blogger who talks about the innocence that childhood holds. It will make you smile, am sure.

2. The article below was again posted by a WordPress blogger about her experience of the hurricane, Sandy. It is a beautiful and reflective description of how life makes one learn and live.

3. I love the article below, more for the story covered than for the writing. It comprises of a video about a man named Agustin who has been fixated with building his own helicopter for the past 50 years. This is inspirational, commendable and astounding. You will be glad for having watched the video. Do not miss it!

4. The below is the link to an article that appeared on Al-Jazeera which talks about the experiences of a Syrian Refugee. It describes how the war in Syria has affected the inhabitants and their lives.

5. This last link is about Euthanasia, or the Right to Die. This is again an account of a person who describes how euthanasia was the right decision for his wife whom he loved too much to let her go. This one is a lengthy write-up but it concerns with essential matters and brings you close to a story worth-reading. Give it a shot!

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2 responses to “Be With Me!

  1. Sending you much encouragement: keep writing and spreading you rmessage. I’m also currently fighting writer’s block, mainly because life is just so crazy busy. I’m slowly finding time to reconnect with the blogosphere and I’m remembering again how fulfilling writing can be. Bless!

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