Israel v/s Palestine

We have been reading, watching and listening to a lot of stories about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza or you may also call it an Israeli- Palestinian battle. When I first read about the Palestinian rocket attacks in Israel which had become pretty intense by the end of October, 2012, I realized that I needed to know more. However, I couldn’t find out about the whole of this clash between the Palestinians and the Israeli Jewish population. Before, I could post something here, came another news about the Israeli air-strike in Gaza which killed Ahmed Jabari, a chief of the Hamas military group that controls the Gaza Strip.


Since then, I have had a number of questions about the background story and a general idea about the real reasons for this hatred and the war. I was reading something today when I found this article, that I am going to present to you. I thought you ought to read this because it answers some of the most vital questions that we all have in our mind regarding the ongoing dispute and tension. The write-up talks about the history and also the present of this fracas. It will tell you about Israel, Palestine, Hamas, Gaza and also about the role of the United Nations, Iran and Egypt in this animosity. This one is a worth read because it will inform you a good deal about Israel and Palestine’s war and you’d be glad to know it all. Do go through this if you’re interested to know about the subject.

Click Here

Once you’re done with this and are tempted to read a really nice article about the same, you can move forward and read this open letter to Khalil from Gaza. I liked the way this letter has been written, though I strongly discourage the growing revulsion between Israel and Gaza. Read the letter below:

With this, I’d like to say: Keep Reading 🙂

4 responses to “Israel v/s Palestine

  1. If someone came to your house you lived in for a lifetime and told you to move or died. You would fight. Israel need more land. Anyone in their way will died. Read up on a human life shield name Rachel Corrie. One of many killed protecting people from Israel greed. I wish we could stop the madness. I don’t know how?

  2. We never know how to stop the ‘madness’ that persists in the world…the bloodshed, the hatred…I wish we had an answer. I just feel every human being should realise that the world is one rather than dividing it on the basis of geographical regions, nationality, sex, caste and color.
    I am sorry. I have been way too late in replying to this one. Probably because I never had an answer!

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