My First Interview!

Okay, the first interview that I ever gave in my life must have been the time when I was 4 and my parents took me to a school for admission. I do not remember what I really did then and moreover that interview must not have been too exciting to discuss except for the teachers asking me to recite a poem or identify certain fruits, vegetables or animals or tell them the alphabets etc. So, we would not get into the real first interview of my life; rather I will tell you about the ‘authentic interview’ that I faced when I was 16 and how it turned out to be all this amusing and remarkable.

So, I was at school one day when I was informed about some Airtel Scholarship being awarded to exceptional students(not that I was one but my results the previous year made people believe that). To claim the scholarship, we were supposed to go for an interview and only the people who would fare well would be rewarded. I didn’t take this seriously and dim-witted as it may sound, I was least interested in even going for the interview. A few days thereafter, while my exams were going on and I had my Chemistry Lab test (which I spoiled badly), I went back home, all this irritated and frustrated whilst my mother told me that they had called me for the interview. I said-‘I don’t want to go.’ After this, I just went into my room and lay on my bed, trying to fall asleep when some unusual feeling struck me, telling me to go for the interview because that would change my state of mind and drift me away from the exam fret. All right, so I hurried up and reached the interview venue just in time. I could see students geared up and I was probably the only one who didn’t care, who had just gone there to have a good time. True, I can be insane at times.

Eventually, after waiting for some thirty minutes, I was called in.


The interviewer was a nice man, a little stern (as people told me) but a genuine fellow. He welcomed me, asked about my family, school, academics and all of that when he perhaps noticed me staring at the cashew nuts in a bowl on the table. He smiled and offered me some. I took a handful and carried on speaking and eating (FYI, I hadn’t had lunch that day). So, as we were conversing, he asked me- ‘Tell me about one moment in life when you did something that you regretted later.’ I didn’t think too much and replied- ‘Today, I had my chemistry lab exam and I cheated the answers from a friend.’ The man looked at me, all concerned, even delighted that I regretted something as bad as cheating in a school exam. Then, he asked me (probably expecting an ethical response)- ‘ Why do you regret it?’ I gave him that wish-I –wouldn’t-have-done-this look and replied-‘Because what I cheated was wrong.’ This made him chuckle and he laughed a lot indeed. He seemed pretty amused and impressed with the oh-so-honest response of a high school student.

The next week, when the list of the results came out, I could proudly proclaim that I was awarded the scholarship. (Winking 😉 )

Lesson Learnt: Be yourself, be honest (even when you’re cheating okay) and be sweet haha 😛


7 responses to “My First Interview!

  1. A similiar kinda case was with me, but all those interviews came a little late, first one in school was for class 8th, the mood changer was in 12th for Flying Steward, unexpectedly i was the first 1st to get selected even though i had denied for doing tht job. One unclaimed record to say, i never failed any interview. 🙂

    • I found it funny too…I am way too honest at times. I remember when I gave a job interview where the man asked me about my favourite book and I talked about Eleven Minutes at length. I went on talking about the prostitute and how she found a passion in her job and all. I just get into the flow and go on saying whatever I feel like and then I do not care too much about what the listener might wish to listen 😛

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