The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

As a pre-Christmas gift, I was again bestowed with an award by Summer who is a wonderful blogger and a beautiful person. It normally is an amazing feeling to see your work being recognized and it does bring a smile on my face when anybody at all is inspired by what I write. Summer presented me with The Very Inspiring Blogger Award a few days back. I finally thought I should do a post on the same and thank her for being so generous. These rewards always encourage me to get better and touch people’s hearts and souls with my words.


So, I should first acquaint you with the rules of accepting this honor.

  1. Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you
  2. Post the award logo to your blog
  3. Tell seven things about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 other very inspiring bloggers and notify them
  1. Thank the Person Who Awarded you :I thank Summer for the honor. Hers is a wonderful blog which captures her take on life. You can view her blog here:
  1. Award logo : Posted 🙂

I wrote a similar list when I was awarded the Beautiful Blogger award so this time I wanted my ‘seven things’ to be different from the previous one. It obviously should not seem monotonous, right? So, here’s my list for this award:

1. I love walking on the roads barefooted sometimes. I do not know why I do that especially when it’s late night and the roads are cool and empty, but it brings me closer to the nature, humanity, God and my own self.

2. I am very attached to my younger brother and that also makes me very protective of him. He knows me inside out and he has been a wonderful support whenever I needed someone. Though, I hated him when he was born. Haha.

3. I am very complicated. I pen down or voice my feelings too much but most of the times I am having a conflict with myself and certain things I plan and do. I love life but at times I also get very scared of it. I feel I can never sort my life out.

4. I have some sort of a phobia from heavy traffic. I find it very tough to cross roads and I always feel somebody would knock me off. I hate looking at roads full of moving vehicles. It actually freaks me out (sometimes).

5. I get really affected by other people’s sorrow. When I read tragic news or stories, I literally start crying and take some time to come out of the misery. I always wish to do something to lessen the grief others may be suffering and I feel relieved when I make people smile.

6. I find my solace when I write to people. I regularly write letters (which are actually emails written in that form) to my very close friends and I feel that I am better at writing letters than writing any other thing. Do they have a term for someone who is too much of a letter writer?

7. When I was small, I had this tendency of biting people (read, my enemies), particularly their hands. So, whenever I got into a fight with someone, the best defense would be my teeth. The secret here is that I still do that sometimes. Blink 😉


And here is a list of the few wonderful bloggers who inspire me and I really appreciate their writing. I might not be able to list down a complete 15 blogs but the ones I put here would definitely be the ones you must pay attention to 🙂

I will inform these bloggers now 🙂 And yes, you should go and check them out!

3 responses to “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  1. Wow! Thank you for bestowing this great honor upon me! I am truly honored. I did not know this was even something that existed. I will totally participate in this. I cannot do it tonight or tomorrow but I will do it Wednesday afternoon for sure. Thank you once again for the nomination and I will fulfill the requirements per request. May you have a very joyful and blessed new year! xo

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