2012 : As the Year Ends!

It’s already 28th December today and there are just four days left for 2012 to come to a close. Today is also my last day in office in 2012 since I plan to take a leave on Monday and probably that is what made me think about the complete year for some time. I tried to get introspective about the things I loved and hated in this year. Also, I realized that I learnt a lot as well and hence I decided to do a post dedicated to 2012 and what it meant to me. I could not encompass the whole of it, obviously, but I penned down whatever important things I could which crossed my mind in the past few minutes. Once you’re done with this, why don’t you make your own list? After all every year is special and worth a thought.

Five Things I Learnt This Year:

  1. Life would never go exactly the way you want it to. You will face endless situations which you never could have imagined. This truly happens from the smallest of things to the largest ones. So, if one day you look at a girl wearing pink shoes and you claim-‘I am never going to do this’, very soon you’ll do the exact similar thing and may be your shoes will be more pink.
  2. You learn to get used to things, situations and people. No matter how tough life seems at some point, you will sail through it, either happily or sadly but it will pass. Even if you’re faced with really bad circumstances, you eventually learn to survive with that. However, remember there is a huge difference between ‘survival’ and ‘life’.
  3. The only and only person who will always remain with you is ‘you’. In different phases of your life you will meet different people, depend on them, love them but each phase shall pass. At all times you will have your own self with you and that is why it becomes so very important to befriend yourself.
  4. Life always gives you a little more than what you are worthy of. If people love you, you’ll be loved more than you really should be. You also get a little more happiness than what you deserve. Furthermore, it’s the same with problems. You will usually face more trouble than what you ought to.
  5. There’s a life hidden in every little moment. It’s really easy to find out reasons to smile and reasons to sigh. It eventually is your choice what you wish to do. No matter how bad life is for each of us, it also is as good as we want it to be.


Ten Blessings of 2012:

  1. I ate some of the most amazing food at some of the most amazing places.
  2. I became independent in the way I deal with life and with myself.
  3. This year I enjoyed the most wonderful get-togethers with the most incredible people and believe me this went on from the beginning till the end (and a few days; a few gatherings are still on the charts)
  4. Another blessing I count here is the warmth I got from my mother. This year did bring me closer to her than ever.
  5. My brother got through one of the best colleges of the country which is definitely a huge gift from God.
  6. I discovered a world never seen before. Yeah, this one’s a bit of a secret 😉
  7. One of my closest childhood friends got married and the whole occasion brought back beautiful memories, wonderful times.
  8. I started writing again and a bit more regularly. I am glad I started a blog. Probably the prevalent blessing of 2012
  9. The number of ‘smiles’ I smiled this year undeniably surpassed the count of tears significantly.
  10. Okay there’s a lot more left to be covered and no. 10 cannot include all of it. So, this one’s for just everything that 2012 brought forth; good or bad, yet a blessing it is.


Things I Hated About 2012:

  1. They kept talking about the end of the world for the entire year but nothing interesting happened at all. Alas!
  2. I had this whole idea of getting married on 12-12-12 but it didn’t work out. Haha!
  3. I didn’t do yoga for even a single day in this entire year.
  4. Two of my closest friends left the city and eventually I had to leave the house which was like a ‘home away from home’. I really miss the huge terrace we had in our house and also the times spent there which can never come back.
  5. Most importantly I hated the numerous events which jerked my soul. I hated the mass shootings, the crime, the rape, the entire negative side of the world which somehow exemplified evil. 2012 had a lot of it.

Now, it’s your turn to think and to write 🙂

4 responses to “2012 : As the Year Ends!

  1. I specially liked 4 and 9 in your blessings’ list. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and reading my post, as it brought me to your blog! I’m being selfish here. 😛 🙂

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