The Emerging India: Which Direction?

As I begin writing my first post of 2013, I must tell you that I tried to think over what exactly needs to be shared. I somehow wanted an effective first post belonging to 2013, however I could not quite enthuse myself with a subject good enough. Right now, what prompted me to just start writing was an article I read on The Guardian. It affected me and my mindset because I am an Indian. In one of my previous posts I talked about the hysteria created throughout the country after a 23 year old girl was gang-raped by six men. The girl died, eventually. But, she left behind a spark in the young India. She left behind a message for every Indian. The article that I read today revolves around the two faces of India; at one side is the developing and economically budding India while at the other side is the illiterate, conservative and poor India. Jason Burke puts forth this piece in the wake of India, the crime, the violence, the discrimination, the augmentation, the advance, the politics, the corruption and yet the flair that is rising; the India that is ready to spark off in the right direction, only if the young plunge in and direct the nation’s attitude towards the right track.


You may find it a long-read if you are not too much of an enthusiast or a reader but I’d say go for it and read it till the end and share it forward, especially if you belong to this nation. It might have a bearing on you.

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And a Happy New Year 🙂

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