My Expressions!

A few days back I was somewhat low about something and believe me I couldn’t really comprehend how life had been moving and how things were supposed to change. I took time off for myself and spent hours contemplating about emotions, ideas, tribulations, uncertainties and love. That was when I just opened a Word document and started writing a poem. I hadn’t written a poem in a long time or even when I really wrote one, it didn’t turn out to be meaningful and all that readable. For me, poetry has always had a lot of significance bearing in mind the fact that it was the most prevalent and prominent form of writing I took abode in when I just started out. I wrote my first poem when I was ten and thereafter I wrote a huge number of poems whose topics included life, love, friends, teenage, school, challenges, career, family, animals, experiences and anything and everything. Eventually, the frequency with which I wrote poetry reduced and led me to this phase where I use poetry as a form to adorn my words only rarely.

So, the other day, when I wrote a poem after months or half a year may be, I thought I should get back to it, in some way. I started off with a new blog called: My Sentiments, My Expressions where I posted that poem and I just felt plain good. Then, I posted two other poems I had written previously. Some people instantly ‘liked’ my poems and even followed the blog. Today, I again wrote a poem and posted it there and I felt I did the right thing by giving poetry another onset in my life.

I decided to write a post here so that my readers at Read Stuff With Me get to know about my new blog and read my poems if they feel like. I would be highly indebted if you go through my words and let me know how good or bad I may be. Looking forward to your responses.

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Thank you!

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