About Cheating in Sports!

Lance Edward Armstrong, the American former professional road racing cyclist has been in the news for quite some time now owing to claims that he took to doping to win the Tour-de France tournament for seven consecutive years. Almost everybody already knows that Armstrong, at last confessed of the doping offence in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The United States Anti-Doping Agency disqualified him from all of the races and banned him from cycling for life. I came across thousands of reactions of people all over about Armstrong’s deceit and sudden immense downfall. His fans are all heartbroken and distressed to see that the person they considered their ‘hero’ for almost their entire lives turned out to be a fraud. I know it must be so very intimidating to look back at all the years and all the legendary races and realize: None of this made sense!


Well, while I was going through some of the articles, I found the one I will be sharing with you now. This is a list of five sportspersons who cheated in their respective sports and were eventually caught resulting in the loss of their dignity and a strict ban from their individual sport. I like this listing published by Mental Floss because I didn’t know about any of these sports persons and their unethical methodologies before. Read this to know more about the desperate approaches people embark on to ‘win’. This might make you annoyed, gloomy, hopeful, hopeless; however, you might even chuckle at the sheer delight of being acquainted to some tactics used by these swindlers. Go ahead then and click the link below:


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