Aarushi Talwar: That Girl Who Was Killed!

I am not convinced whether this post is going to help me drive more traffic for this blog. I am not sure whether anybody would even be interested in reading what I’m going to pass on to you today. However, I still wish to talk about this article I read and how it has touched me because of the case it involves. This one is about Aarushi Talwar, a young teenager murdered at the age of thirteen going on fourteen in her own house whilst her parents slept in the adjacent room in May 2008. In India, Aarushi is more of a household name now after her murder gained huge media attention. I still remember how I was literally haunted by this story about five years back and I got so involved in the investigation reports and media coverage that I would see Aarushi in my dreams sometimes and I would be so petrified.


Today, I met Aarushi again. I sort of felt that anguish once again after a long time when I read Shree Paradkar’s piece on the inside story of her family and the flawed investigation which has eventually led this case to a standstill. Aarushi’s parents are suspected to be the perpetrators and they are both facing trial. Probably a large part of India believes that they killed their daughter. I have no idea why but I could never ever accept that. This classified report that I will link you to has been written by Aarushi’s aunt (her mother’s cousin) and it brings you closer to her family, their twinge and the scantiness of India’s system. This is a really long article and yet if this murder has ever held your attention, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from reading the whole of it.

Go ahead then and click:

Aarushi Talwar: The Story that you might not know!

P.S: I wanted to post this piece only because I wanted people to be aware of this story. I would definitely not be offended if the outbound clicks to this link are not good enough. I am at peace with myself for putting forth what I believe in and what I support.

I pray God gives them strength, mercy, blessings and happiness.

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25 responses to “Aarushi Talwar: That Girl Who Was Killed!

  1. Bad things are happening everywhere to children and woman. I believe we must teach our children respect for life. Thank you for sharing this story. I knew nothing of it.

  2. This is a typical case of the Indian police and CBI whose shoddy investigation has made this case a national mystery to be solved. However, all there is only circumstantial evidence and no concrete details of finger prints on the whiskey bottle or the foot prints/finger prints on various objects in the house and on the terrace. There is no investigation in the direction of whereabouts, contacts and other important details about Hemraj the other deceased or the other servants who frequent the house. Without any evidence the CBI has been trying to frame the parents and accuse them of killing their daughter. There is no way to start over and with all the additional mistakes of CFSL, the doctor who did the post mortem etc.. there is only more confusion.. I agree with your views, but looks like there is no real solution to the problem in India.. the same mistakes continues.. and corruption takes over and life goes on…

  3. I too feel that the approach of 2ndCBI Team is biased and like hitting under the belt.However, it is not clear why Rajesh Talwar appears to have been reluctant to open the Terrace door on the first day of the murder,and urged the police to search for the servant outside,which is not understandable, as he should have been the first one to cooperate & insist on having that door opened,ESP as Hemraj was missing, and was found on the terrace the next day when the police broke open the lock, and there are said to have been blood stains on the staircase& terrace door on morning of Day 1 of the murder.It was like’खाकेला कळसा आणी गावाला वळसा ‘!That’s why.

  4. Thank you for sharing the other side of the story …through media we get to read and think only negative part. I was following this case for sometime and its very confusing. I pray for the parents who have lost their joy forever, hope this gets solved and justice is served.

  5. Just to be clear about the terrace door. The terrace of all adjacent houses are connected. On the day Aarushi died and the servants went up to leave the mattress in the terrace of the neighbour, there is really no need for a key to be given by Rajesh Talwar to get up there. Any neighbour’s key would get people up to the terrace. If any parent were in the state they are in and also thought that this servant ( the other one missing from the house) had killed the daughter, why would he think the servant is upstairs. Now we all know where Hemraj was found and we are trying to make conclusions based on a lot of statements in the media that might be planted by our wonderful CBI.

    Now the missing post mortem doctor has arrived in court and it has gotten even more murkier. The doctor has given a completely irresponsible answer to scientific queries and stated the most ridiculous of things. Are any of these government servants ever going to be booked/condemned/questioned/punished for such attitude, behavior and analysis. Doesnt their job require the highest amount of responsibility and integrity? This is a murder investigation thats turning into a classic joke. A policeman who cannot smell, a doctor who states ridiculous evidence and CBI who thinks they can use these jokers to prove their point and we the tax payers who watch it all.. On one side its alarming to see parents of a teenager who are booked for murder and on the other the looming bigger question.. the shoddy nature of a murder investigation.. Is this how they conduct all businesses in Delhi?

  6. Thanks for sharing your ideas and views on the controversy. I cannot pass judgements and we really do no know the truth behind it all. So for now I’d just pray that the mystery gets solved and the perpetrators, whoever they are, get the well-deserved punishment.

  7. thats awesome but sad story. i get the point of sri that they were in shock state coz of murder of their own daughter. still they wont deny to open the door to find some clue about her murderer. I might be wrong coz they were the one who experiences this situation so they know the exact feeling. still i feel bad about that girl. she was just 13 yaar. if her parents are involved in this its really bad. and if they r not then its worse coz they r suffering all along. they lost their only loving child. and apart from that they r facing the charge of murder of their own child. i can just hope and pray that everything should get solved perfectly. and if her parents are not murderers then those Bastered CBI officers to be executed with real criminal. indian police and CBI team most currupted creatures in the world. shame on u whether u r right on the case or not.

      • @ Mayur. I am neither related or I know the Talwars. However. I see that the media is wrongly projecting a lot of things. Rajesh Talwar did not say he will not open the door. He went inside looking for the keys for the door and did not find it. I am not sure if he was even paying attention to this detail that now looms on his head as if he is the culprit and there is no other solution. Where are investigative reporters in our country? Are we at the mercy of the Police and CBI who have done such a shoddy investigation.. No finger prints, no followups, no containig crime scenes, no breaking open locks ( now blamed on Rajesah Talwar)… Can any of you think of any other scenario other than the parents? If you do please share.. I am very curious to hear others on this.. For now.. What are the other possibilities that the CBI/Police have missed?

  8. The article that Shree Paradkar writes is just giving one side of the story while sweeping all the uncomfortable questions under the carpet.
    If you look at the entire story written by Mrs. Paradkar, she staunchly supports the findings of the 1st CBI team led by Arun Kumar but terms the findings of 2nd CBI team led by AGP Kaul as grossly inaccurate. She doesnt write that the Allahabad High Court and the Supreme Court rejected petitions filed by Nupur Talwar and SC also termed Nupur Talwar’s report as ‘frivolous’
    There are many questions that remain unanswered:
    1) Why did Rajesh Talwar hide one particular golf club in the loft?
    2) Why would a murderer drag one body to the roof (the door of which was locked from inside), wrap it in a bedsheet, hide it under the air conditioner panel, then come back inside the house, lock the door again and then leave the scene of crime, all this while knowing that the owners of the house are sleeping right in the next room?
    3) Why does Aarushi’s bed show no sign of struggle or resistance when the supposed ‘murderers’ entered her room and tried to sexually assault her and then killed her? Begs the question, whether the crime scene was dressed up?
    4) Why is there no sign of blood on the toys, bag that were found very close to her head while there were droplets on the bedsheet? Again were the toys and the bag placed there after the entire crime was committed?
    5) Call records show that calls were made by Dinesh Talwar (Rajesh Talwar’s brother) to an influential person at AIIMS who in turn called up some unidentified numbers and Dr. Sunil Doghre (in charge of the post mortem of the girl’s body) and the loop followed backwards as well to Dinesh Talwar?

  9. Just taking a detour from the main topic here. I visited the website, http://www.justiceforaarushitalwar.com/

    The website says, “It is not possible for a ‘small middle class professional family’ living in a corner of Delhi to fight the continuous stream of salacious misinformation.” Words to be paid attention to here are “small middle class professional family”.

    On the other hand:-
    When Nupur Talwar was questioned on whether the murder was about ‘honour killing’, she had dismissed the charge by saying, “They belong to ‘elite class of society’ where one does not kill anyone for indulging in such sexual acts”
    Emphasis on ”elite class of society” here.

    Social status fluctuating according to convenience? Maybe not. Or maybe, just maybe, Yes!

    • I am so glad that you shared your inputs on the story John. I agree with your take on it. I don’t want to sound diplomatic but it’s just that its tough to blame or exculpate anybody without solid ‘evidence’ which has been missing in this story. I don’t support the parents staunchly, though I did have a soft corner for them because of all the suffering they must have endured…Currently, I am as confused as each of us. I wish we get clear and strong evidences against whosoever killed Arushi and Hemraj. The solution to this mystery would be such a relief.
      Thanks for reading this though and visiting my blog.

    • John I agree to your statement. I’ve been closely reading the Talwar case.
      I don’t understand one thing – Why would any full time working professionals (in this case the dentist couple) would leave their adolescent daughter in the care of a full time home cook a man i.e Hemraj? Anything can happen in such a situation. By the look of it seems the parents were careless of their child’s well being. I’m not speculating anything here. All I can say is while reading Shree Paradkar post i was left puzzled .. she has only dealt with one side of the story in fact she has spoken much about the peripherals of the case, Like Aarushi grandparents and Nupur Talwar’s education. It all seems like she has targeted the CBI and Krishna all along.
      I’m quite upset with sluggishness of the CBI and the Delhi police have handled the case. How could they allow clean up the room w/o carrying out important investigations . They have been extremely inefficient and are most to be blamed, but also by the look of it any parent would want the police to be more vigilant and investigative about the case. Instead during the trial Rajesh Talwar was more in a hurry to perform the last rites.

      All I can say is that every child is the extremely precious to their parent. They would take their soul away to keep them harm, and every parent reading this would love to believe that such people don’t exist who would ever commit such an act.
      May your soul rest in peace Aarushi.

      • Hi Ankita,
        The Talwar’s didn’t leave Aarushi in the care of Hemraj; after school and other times she’d be with her maternal grandparents who lived metres away. Everyone who actually knew the family saw nothing but a happy, close family.
        Shree, clearly stating she’s Nupur’s cousin, has clearly taken Nupur and Rajesh’s side, but I doubt she do so if she thought they had murdered her niece. I too suspect Krishna, and have no faith that the second CBI team has done anything but cover their own behind. As Avirook Sen’s excellent coverage of the trial made clear, the investigation and trial were an embarrassing spectacle.
        As an Indian, I’m offended that the authorities can be so incompetent and petty and no one – NO ONE – is held to account. We should be angry when this type of trampling of due process occurs, because while it happens to the Talwars today, it could happen to any of us tomorrow.
        – Vidhya

        • I agree with you, Vidhya. This case has perplexed me as well. I wish there was a definite response, I wish the investigations were more accurate. Though now I have lost all hope.

          And yes, my name is Nikita (:

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