Letters, yes LETTERS!

Dear Friends/ Fellow Bloggers/ Readers/ Strangers/ Followers/ Anybody at all,

If you have been reading my blog since sometime now, you already recognize my love for letters. Also, if you stumbled upon my space, somehow (fortunately), I would again just tell you this one fact about myself: ‘I love writing letters.’ That’s some big announcement I just made right here. So, when I say letters, I actually embrace all kind of letters: love letters, fun letters, sad letters, happy letters, good letters and bad letters: everything to be specific. So, I just thought I would do something for this fondness which remains unattended sometimes. Henceforth, here at Read Stuff With Me (I love you if you’re really reading and I don’t hate you if you’re not); okay so I will introduce a new section may be, dedicated entirely to Letters. What I would do is I would write at least one letter every ten days or once a week and I would ask you all to read it. I would love you so much more if you do that and believe me, God is more benevolent to people I love.

I will write letters to people, animals, ideas, products, anything, everything and I promise I’ll be good with that. I’ll make you smile, cry, laugh, be amazed, love, hate, enjoy and read. (I already said that). So, watch this space for more and also, start writing letters. Besides, I’d love to read stuff from you, so if you have written letters you’d want me to read or there’s some matter already on your blog that I might not have noticed yet, leave a link in the Comments section.

P.S: Keep a tab, I might write one letter to you as well, someday soon 🙂

Wish me luck people. Also I will keep posting stories about the world and its customs. Everything at Read Stuff With Me is going to be the same. It’s just that it’ll be a bit more interactive, personal, frequent and a lot more pleasurable.

Here are the links to a few letters that I already have on this blog. If you haven’t read them yet, go on. They ain’t that bad (Oh! Yes, I know they are great)

Happy Birthday Dad!

On Friendship! An open letter.

A Letter To God!

Those Old Fashioned Letters (A write-up)

Keep Reading,

With Love,



6 responses to “Letters, yes LETTERS!

    • Yes, I do the same. I write letters to very few close people which are in fact long mails written in the form of letters. I call them ‘letters’ because of the significance and beauty that this word holds. ‘Emails’ sound so professional and cold. Thank you for the support. I hope I keep you hooked to what I write 😉

  1. Hey Nikita, I managed to read your blog after a long time and good to know about this new section. The place I am right now, letters here feel as a gift. Its an amazing experience to get a letter here, that too with some awesome news, picture or a paycheck, its heaven 🙂
    One may choose phone over writing, but i have realized it here, that letters are make the effect of an information or expression long lasting. Sometimes i even dont like using phone(that we get to see once in a week). Keep Writing. 🙂

  2. Hey Abhishek, thank you for taking out the time to read what I write. Also, I agree that letters are actually the most beautiful form of gifts you can give to people you love. I will keep writing and I’d be more than glad if you keep reading as well!

  3. Hi there 🙂 I’ve loving writing letters seen I was a little kid… but nowadays it’s hard to find a pen friend, who love writing letters (I mean real handwriting letter). Friends at my age don’t really love letters. They prefer typing of FB. Therefore, it’s so wonderful to see this blog of yours ^^. Hope you see my post and also hope that we can be pen friends. Waiting for your reply!!!

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