Dear Life: You Suck!

Dear Life,

Good Morning (like if we’re talking in terms of the Indian Standard Time). I know you just got lucky because I decided to write to you; yet you’re not supposed to be all that pleased and delighted because I must tell you one thing: You suck! Oh come on, you know you do; you won’t just accept that with dignity. In general, I don’t think I have too many issues with you; I mean you have been fine and fascinating for most of the part but you are one heck of a conspirator and that’s what always makes me wonder whether you deserve to be my friend or not.

All through the time I was a child, you promised me that you would be great and magnificent always. When I told you once that I had some real big dreams for you, you were happy and also so supportive. Didn’t we work out on all the plans together? But, look at you now; you’re basking in the glory of being a huge manifestation of what God and destiny intended for me and you leave me midway so very often. That’s not what friends do. You turned out to be quite perplexing and in due course you tried to scare me off. You do that even now, like those horror movies where the actor opens a door expecting some brilliant surprise but is rather faced with ghosts and creepy figures that run after him to kill him. However, I don’t give you the right to give me that scornful laugh that you’re doing right now. Don’t forget, those phantoms are never successful in the end. Accordingly, no matter how hard they try to put the hero in jeopardy, the winner of the game is always ‘goodness’ and I think I have more of that than you do. You remember how the last conversation we had went by? Wait, have a look:


Oops, I think I got just too critical above. I would rather apologize for that (and that in no way means I am terrified). You have also been good enough to drive me to live. You gave me some of the most exquisite moments and wonderful people and you deserve a pat on the back for that. So, if you tried to shove me in the puddle, you’re the one who also gave me the hand which would pull me back. If you drenched my eyes with tears, you also gave me the touch to wipe them off. We have always shared this love-hate relationship and I guess that’s not too bad. It’s like a game and I feel you want me to qualify each stage to move on to the next one. When I played computer games and stuff, I would do just this, fight with all the vigour and meet every challenge with the right spirit. So, when I passed the first level, I would arrive at the second which had bigger and better tests. This would go on till the last stage of the game and I would never give up. That’s what I would let you know now as well. I am a fighter and I am not scared of you. I will cross all hurdles and with each level I pass, I will become tougher and more competent.

Life, if you love to challenge me, I love to do the same. I know there are times when I hate you so much that I pray that you leave me, just leave me forever. Yet, I just realized I don’t hate you excessively. I love you. I love every smile, tear, giggle or dirge that you give me. I love your blacks and whites as much as I love your colours. I love those moments of weakness as much as I love the strength you gift me. I dare you to be as bad as you can: to throw me, beat me, push me, break me, kill me but you can’t let my spirit die. I believe in you as much as I believe in myself and I know you’d be there to make me an absolute person. I trust your existence, your righteousness and those emotions of love, friendship, faith, joy and fulfilment. You can’t suck too much really. You rock. You know that. I know that. So, just go on and be strong. High-five!


With Love,


P.S: I just invented a name for you. You’re a ‘rocksucker’ because you rock and suck at the same time 😉 (Can I ever be as funny as you are?) Okay, I think I’ve done enough of the talking. It’s your turn now!

6 responses to “Dear Life: You Suck!

    • I didn’t say that I don’t like life. I know it sucks at times and like everybody else, I also feel like giving up and all but it also is a beautiful gift from God and I respect that. I just wrote this to life and my instincts say that it would listen to me. I love my life and I am ready for all that it brings forth and I guess you would respect that.
      Anyway, thanks for reading!

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