A New Vantage Point: Syria

I read this post today at Vantage Point which is one of the most informative and interesting blogs that I follow. I felt the need for reblogging it because it concerns the ongoing war in Syria and that has held my attention for the past two years. I really enjoyed reading this post because it puts forth the aspects of the war that are unknown to us because we are not the ones who have lived in the country. We do not understand the Syrian government or even the rebels because we just relate to the story based on the news we are fed via various channels, be it newspapers or the television. This is a different post and I highly recommend it to all of you. Obviously, that’s the whole rationale behind sharing it. Read, comprehend and absorb. Go on, then!

Vantage Points

One of the greatest aspects of traveling is the way it informs our worldview.  That idea may just be suggested by our blog’s title.  After living in the UAE for the better part of a year, I’ve made many acquaintances and built some relationships.  These allow me to see things from a different perspective.  One of these relationships is with a fellow from Syria.  He’s friendly and easy going.  He’s Christian, and he’s invited us to join him at church, and though we haven’t been able to make it happen thus far, we really want to.  How cool would it be to be at a church service conducted in Arabic?  I’ll answer my own question: pretty dang cool.  Anyway, on to the point: I’ve gained a new vantage point on a country and the conflict within it–namely, Syria.

Honestly, I generally don’t give a whole lot of attention to far-away…

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