Brother, You’re Awesome (Because it’s your Birthday)!

Dear Brother,

I know you’d be surprised to read this letter because you wouldn’t have ever expected it. It’s slightly bizarre for me to write it as well but I thought I would do this since it’s your birthday and the day itself obliges me to think about you, wish you, curse you and thank you (Damn, I can’t think of a single curse that I’d give you. Yes, am serious). I guess God gave his best shot at creating ‘awesome siblings’ when he made you and me. I would not annoy you too much with this letter because I know you wouldn’t enjoy getting emotional about things, especially on your special day; however, you know me. You know how I own one of the sloppiest hearts and how difficult it is for me to ask it to shut up and let my mind do the work. So, what I’ll do is, I’ll remind you of ten of the hundreds of most memorable instances we’ve shared and I know these would make you laugh, get embarrassed, smile, bang your head on the wall and call me up and say- ‘Shit, why did you write that?’ So, here we go! (Cross your fingers)

  1. This is about the time we were kids and I hated tagging you along with me when I went out to play with my friends. So, I would lock you in the house while you slept in the afternoons and leave for all the fun. I was EVIL.
  2. You were the most brilliant brother because you would help me study. Haha I know that’s funny but whenever I studied (till I was probably 15 and you were 11), I made you sit right next to me and listen to all the stories of my History, Geography, Science and Literature text books. You took interest in all the crap and then one day, you grew up and you stopped listening.
  3. I still remember how I gifted you a ‘Slam Book’ for your 8th birthday because I knew you would never use it and eventually it would be mine.
  4. We both loved watching WWE and we would even have wrestling matches on the bed where as a rule I threw you on the floor and won. This continued only till I was 11 and I could bully you because after that we stopped the matches as I had started losing 😉
  5. Then, there was this time when a spider bit me and you were oh! So excited because you thought I would turn into Spiderman (oops Woman) over night.
  6. I think I need to thank you for one big thing you taught me in life- ‘Watching Cartoons.’ Yes, I probably am still so hooked to ‘cartoons’ because of you. FYI, you gave us a tough time with Dragon-Ball Z and Pokemon. Also, you made the entire family fall in love with spinach because of The Popeye Show!
  7. I have always had ruthless encounters with my periods and you would look at me screaming in pain feeling vulnerable about it all. For a long time you couldn’t even understand why this happened to me so frequently. Then one day, (when you were a grown up but I thought you were still small) I asked you- ‘Do you know why does my stomach hurt so much?’ That’s when you got embarrassed and told me- ‘Nikki Di, I have just passed high school with Science.’ I was so disappointed because I always wanted to tell you ‘ The Tale of Periods’ 😛
  8. For one phase in life, when I was literally penniless, I even ‘worked’ for you. I used to write your assignments and projects while you relaxed just because you would pay me for this job. I stopped doing that when I wrote thirty long pages for your history assignment and received a meagre 50 bucks for that (equivalent to a dollar, in fact lesser).
  9. When I was in the final year of university and you completed school, I motivated you to take a drop and prepare for the IIT (The most renowned and best engineering entrance exam in India). So, I basically convinced you to continue living at home for another year and study because I hated the very idea of living there without you. I just wanted you to stay (and that tells the world that I had a huge hand in your ultimate victory).
  10. Now, here comes the very last and final thing of this list. I accidentally read the messages you exchanged with a girl (who had just broken up with her boyfriend and was all broken- or she pretended to be that) and you consoled her like a gentleman. (I couldn’t stop myself from reading those, that is). Fuck! I was shocked to see you could write such wonderful things. So whether you were hitting on her or being her friend or whatever, that day I just knew- ‘Ah! He is my brother, after all.’ 😉

Now, I finally wish you a very Happy Birthday and thank you for being the best brother ever. You have been a best friend, a parent, a sibling, a foe, a driver, a cook, an admirer, a child, a mechanic, a teacher, a ‘listener’ and everything a person could be and you have been incredible at all these roles. I am blessed to have you in my life 🙂

Happy Birthday Bro, you rock!

With Love,


P.S: I know I am the best’est’ sister you could possibly have too.

P.P.S: Message me what present you need for your birthday. You won’t be disappointed 😉


You know I love The Simpsons 😉

11 responses to “Brother, You’re Awesome (Because it’s your Birthday)!

  1. Love you di ❤

    P.S.-My phone has a password now coz of No. 10. 😛
    P.S.S.- You know I'm not good at expressing my feelings. Bhavnao ko samajh lena 😛

  2. Sweet.!
    I had written a letter to my brother too,on his birthday this year.I couldn’t get myself to mail it coz I feared he might freak out with all the emotional content in it 😛
    I can’t relate to some of the points because my bro and I have a considerable age difference between us,but point 6 definitely happened!My friends look surprised when I quote famous cartoons.I have my brother to thank for that.
    It was a really wonderful read.Bro-sis relationships are just unique 🙂

  3. Yeah I know, my brother would have freaked out if I wrote something sappy and emotional so I did it this way. It made him smile and probably it did make him a little sentimental (haha). Brother Sister relationships are really unique and beautiful and I am literally blessed to have a brother like him. He has always been a strong support 🙂
    Thanks for reading and sharing your life too. It’s a pleasure to know you 🙂

  4. awesome nothing could be said smaller than this ….i dont have a real sibling so i dont know wats the feelins but i had a brother in my school who was very close to me i use to share every damm thing wid him..right now we are not in contact HOPE THAT ONE DAY HE WOULD COME TO ME AND SAY THAT U ARE MY BEST SISTER…LUV U VISHESH:)

    • Damn am glad my words made you ‘feel’. It’s always like a victory for any writer when her readers imbibe themselves into her words and I am filled with gratitude towards you for having read this with such utter significance. Keep coming back! (:
      Happy Birthday to your brother!

  5. Awwwww…!!! I got a cutest smile on my face….!!!!
    i dnt hv own brother but i hv a brother in my college wid whom m sharing all my nonsense, who is very close to me .. n now he gave me a scrap book but it seems very difficult even compered to my xm answer sheet to fill ..hmm this way i got u..
    ur memories are really awesome …
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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