So, Who’s Your Best Friend?

I know I owe you an apology for not being regular with my writing. I again need to point out that not posting on this blog in no way means that I have stopped writing. I do write, pretty often but it’s just not something you might enjoy or something that I would be comfortable talking about. I have been pretty occupied with work at office since the last few days and that undeniably is one reason of my absence. Also, let’s face it (I mean I need to face it), nobody really is waiting for my words or even is bothered by my recurrent non-appearance;  still, I like to live under the impression that out of the seven billion (and a little more) people in this world, there might be at least one or two who look forward to reading what I write. Smile if you’re the one.

By now, you also must have guessed that I do not have a rationale behind writing this post; I am doing it for the sake of doing it. I am doing it to pop up in the mail boxes or the WordPress Readers or the Facebook pages of the people who follow me (out of courtesy or obligation or friendship or actually ‘interest’). No matter what it is, I won’t leave you at this. I am supposed to make you reflect and feel and smile (yes, always). I read a few blog posts and randomly found myself reading about best friends, which obviously made me think about all the best friends I have had in my lifetime (till date). So, it made me think: How do you know whether a person is your best friend? I came up with the following list. Tell me if you’ve got more to add on to this! It’s going to be fun!

  1. You’re getting bored and you might have already called this person thrice, but still, you would just call him/her, for the fourth time in a row and magically: you will still have stuff to talk about.
  2. You can abuse this person in the most obnoxious language and yet with a smile.
  3. You won’t think for even a second before doing stuff like: peeing in your pants, eating a bug, jumping on the roads or kicking his/her ass when you’re with this friend.
  4. You have a problem. The word ‘problem’ makes you think of this person, immediately (because he/she created it or will help you come out of it).
  5. Every time you make a plan, you think of this person as a part of it, undoubtedly.
  6. No matter how much you enjoy joking about this person; if someone else does the same or tries to ridicule your friend, you might literally think of killing that despicable someone 😉
  7. This person would never let you cry alone. So, either he/she cries with you or turns your tears into laughter. (Note: Sometimes, you might cry and wait for this ‘conversion’ of tears to laughter because you love it, seriously)
  8. If you’re a girl (like me) and your best friends are guys (like mine), they would treat you like a princess when you’re sick and sometimes to an extent that you would love falling sick over and over.
  9. However, if you’re not sick: they will make sure they treat you like a pauper till it really infuriates you and they get a chance to laugh at you and tell you: You’re fun.
  10. You can talk about the shittiest of stuff with this person. Thus, you can sit and discuss chums, poop, blood, diseases, the shape of your nose, animals, sex, condoms, prostitutes, accidents, your eye-color, your knee-cap or your tummy (I mean literally everything) for hours and its not even dreary or disgusting!
  11. You pamper them and they pamper you: all the same.
  12. You can beat them or slap them or kick them (with all the force) but when it hurts them, it actually hurts you more.
  13. You say- ‘I’ll kill you’ more than ‘I love you’ and usually, that sounds better 😉
  14. You won’t mind sleeping in a house full of bed-bugs if your best friend lives there (and collecting bed-bugs is also fun, anyway).
  15. You can be on the phone for hours singing songs to each other: the cheesiest, creepiest, and funniest of songs and you’d both love it more than anything else in the world (for that moment, I mean) 😛
  16. When everything in life sucks, the only person who rocks is your best friend. So, suppose you hate everything about life and this person hugs you- you say to yourself- ‘Life ain’t that bad.’
  17. You love these friends and you really don’t need a reason or an expression for that. You love them like you love ‘you’ (in fact a little more).

There is a lot more I could have added and a lot more you can think of because ‘friendship’ is not restricted to a few words or seventeen points of a list. I could have given you more of my life or my take on ‘best friendships’ but I leave you at this because I want you to share your story too. Add a point to this list and I’ll add it here with your name or a link to your blog. Please do it, for your best friends (like if you love them as much as I love mine). Go on! I am waiting!


13 responses to “So, Who’s Your Best Friend?

  1. M impressed….;)
    I would add one more pt here “it feels good when they say they respect you more than their own self respect” 😉

    • Of course! It was meant to remind you of me and the silliest things we’ve done together 😛 And I knew you’d love 14th the most. But, Gautam, you haven’t added your point here. Nitij just did that! It’s your turn now 😉
      Btw, thanks for reading and replying. Spread it now!!! 😀

  2. Very good list. One I would add is similar to number 6. While I might joke about this person, I would never, ever criticize/say a seriously negative thing about her in public. I would seldom do it in private, but most definitely not in public. Feel free to reword that if you want to use it. 😀

  3. One point from my side:
    Time might bring geographical distances between the best of pals, and that too for a very long time, and although they might not even get to chat with each other or do fun stuff like that, yet there is still a trust in both the hearts that he/she will always have a special place in the heart of the other one.. :’)

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