The Sin of the Atheists!

I read an article about Apostasy today. For those of you who are not certain what this word implies, I would like to quote its general definition from Wikipedia. ‘Apostasy is the formal disaffiliation from or abandonment or renunciation of a religion by a person. So, basically, a person who practices apostasy is an atheist.’ The piece that I am referring to is one that appeared in The Economist deliberating on the way Islam treats atheism as a sin and how it impacts various sectors of people who are surrounded by or are a part of the Islamic religion. An Indonesian atheist and ex-Muslim, Alexander Aan, was imprisoned in 2012 for posting images and stating on Facebook : ‘God doesn’t exist.’ His detention kindled a national debate; however, eventually he was sentenced to a prison term of two and a half years along with a heavy fine. Stringent practitioners of Islam accuse him of inflaming religious hatred.


Aan’s arrest also brought forward a number of ex-Muslim atheists who supported him and his sovereignty to aver what he believes in. The article explains how atheists have become more forthright in the way they exercise their beliefs and disbeliefs but the huge Islamic population is still far from tolerating the apostates. Many Islamic states enforce the death penalty for apostasy because it is considered a capital offence. Read the mentioned article for more on this subject and tell me what do you think about it? In my opinion, I am all for these apostates because they totally have the right to voice their opinions and follow the rules that they set for themselves.

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