Friendship Day : Step By Step!

Friendship Day is around the corner and even trivial references of this day fill me with nostalgia. This day held an incredible significance when I was in school. We constantly made plans, bought friendship bands and cards and celebrated the atmosphere of friendship. We considered it to be the norm after all. Today, about a decade after those childhood times, I feel a little more at ease with the idea of friendship. It’s essentially because I have understood friendship broadly in the last few years and about a decade from now I might be giving you a more refined and wholesome definition of this word. With every passing day, we tend to appreciate the intensity of this relationship in a better way and this will go on for eternity. I wanted to do a post for this day, for my friends, for your friends, for everybody who is anybody’s friend and for myself. Although, when I thought of it, I didn’t quite know how to go about it. I have already written an open letter to my friends following which I wrote a post about Best Friends. I didn’t want to be repetitive, but, this day does deserve to be treated in a unique way. That prompts me to work around another list which will help you decide on the plans you can make to bring a smile on your friends’ faces.

We’ll talk about it in steps. So, just get your mind to work and follow the steps below to add on a little more charm and zing in the lives of those few special friends who have made your existence magnificent by just being a part of it!

Step 1: Jot Down Names:

What I want you to start with is, take a pen and paper and jot down names of some close friends who deserve your affection (and consideration) a little more profoundly than your other tons of friends. Think about intimate friends from your early days. Think about friends gone astray. Think about your present friends. More than anything, think about the bond you have shared with each of them and then make this list. Don’t keep it too long (seriously) so that it’s easier for you to implement your ideas and make them practicable.

Step 2: Make an Estimate

Here, I would advise you to make estimations on the time and money you have at hand. For example, if you are reading this today (and it’s already August 2), you have just two days to go before Friendship Day. So, your plans have to be a little low key. Nevertheless, if you have all the money in the world, you can change that too (haha). Your next step and ideas will practically depend on your estimates.

Step 3: Worldly Gifts or Self Diligence

Okay, so this step needs you to make a decision about your laziness and devotion. If you are sluggish and have good money, you can buy a few gifts for your friends based on their preferences. That is it. While if you are short of money, you can do things to make these friends realize how much they mean to you. What you need here is hard work and creativity. In case you have both money and creativity and ardor, wow, you can do a lot!

Step 4: Self-introspection:

Why I want you to do this is because I want you to surprise your friends. Think about those little and extraordinary things that you rather wouldn’t do keeping in mind your persona. Suppose you’re an artist, do not sketch or paint anything for them, rather do something different like writing them a letter. If you’re a writer, do not just grab a pen and paper or go about sending them a mail; in fact try drawing stupid cartoons and add funny conversation bubbles. If you’re not good at anything (I mean, if you think that), record a wonderful message for them and talk about some fun times and sad times so that you can relive your friendship with them and send out this recording via an SMS or Email. Or try writing a poem for them; regardless of how stupid it is. Trust me, it’ll work. Just find out innovative ways to express your love for them and the bond you share. No matter how many gifts you buy, sentiments and expressions matter the most.

Step 5: Gifts:

Okay, I am back to this part where you have to jump onto depending on the cash in your pockets (but hey the world has credit cards now!). Do not go about buying a shirt, a top, a random show-piece or poster. No, please do not make things so undemanding for yourself. Give them interesting gifts. You have to be vigilant here. Ponder on the things your friends really need but wouldn’t admit it to their own selves too (sometimes). You think their earphones need a change? Or they ought to have a better pillow? Or there should be a night lamp on the desk close to their bed? Or a bean bag in the hallway? Or just the right CD or book they have been searching for? Or their room needs a poster that has a picture of the two of you? (Old photographs make brilliant and hilarious gifts) You can get them so much. Just open your eyes and look. Observe, people, observe. That’s the key!

(And I assume you’re noting down all the ideas, right?)

Step 6: No gifts, No cards, No diligence:

If you are here and you can’t do any of this, just spend time with some of your cherished friends. They say, time is money. Go out to a nice restaurant. Eat good food. (I hope there’s some good music too). Have some booze. Talk. Laugh. Reminisce old times. Click just one picture (Stop throwing away all the time on posing and clicking pictures. Make this day more worthwhile and in the end, snap a photograph and that’s it. It’s okay if it’s crazy or terrible or super cool or ugly. It will hold the remembrance of this day in the most beautiful way. Let it be, okay. Let it be)

Step 7: For the super slothful and broke people (who also have lazy friends)

Okay, first of all, if you have reached this step, I must applaud your effort and believe me; you are not so lazy after all. I’ll give you the scheme you have been waiting for. Go to, find a few friendship cards (all for free) and shoot them (yes, send a mail) to all your friends in the world. (Listen, I am sincerely not endorsing this website, nor am I getting paid for mentioning it here, though I wish they gave me money. But, I have been using it since I was 16 and it works, so thought I’d let you know).

P.S: Wait! This can’t make you count me in this category though!


Implement. Yes, get to work. There’s no time.

Let me know what you would be doing. We can (and should) take pleasure in friendship each day (I know), but do not put off things. Make this friendship day a little more spectacular and inclusive. If nothing else works and your friends aren’t accommodating or they ought not to have too much of you;  go out shopping and give yourself a gift. Most prominently, be happy!


Come on, Tell me what you think!

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