Happy Birthday Read Stuff!


It’s 6th August, 2013. On the very same day last year, I started this blog and christened it : Read Stuff With Me. Today is my blog’s first birthday and I feel terrific because this space helped me find a better part of myself. This entire year brought about a number of transformations in my life and in me. The initiation of Read Stuff churned out to be some sort of a decisive moment in my subsistence of 24 years. When I started out with it, I was hooked to it. I had picked up a fixation and I actually thought I was suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) because every wakeful moment was spent contemplating on what I had written here and what I was setting up next. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see the top right corner box blinking “orange”. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. People started reading my words. Many of them appreciated and loved my writing. They would leave me Facebook messages or SMSs or emails and let me know that they were proud of me. I was bowled over.

Today, after one year of this blog’s existence, I have written a total of 125 posts (this being the 126th), have got about 738 followers and 25,786 hits. I’d like to reveal here that I do not identify with statistics too much. I do not know whether the number of hits or the sum of people who track this blog are good enough or not, but what I know is that there is progress. If I write down a post and I know that even ten people read it, it’s not bad; it’s worth it, right? Read Stuff With Me comforted me and helped me become a writer in the true sense. It worked out on my associations with people all over the world because WordPress is a singular planet in itself. It’s a community where readers and writers exist together despite of their cultural, racial, educational, and emotional or personality differences. This blog aided me to mature and empathize with the broader human race. And this development is unswerving; it’s still going on at this very moment.

On this special day, I’d like to honour a few people who have made blogging a truly magnificent experience. I know there are hundreds of bloggers who have struck home with me, who have read and enjoyed my words and many more whose expressions have supported me form an affirmative perspective towards life; but I will list down the select few who have been a little beyond tremendous. Do visit them and let them know that I love them (:

  1. Le Clown : This man is the King of the Blogosphere. He is the definitive icon for every blogger (in my eyes). The more I say about him, the lesser it would be.
  2. The Good Greatsby : Funny. Funny. Funny. Superlatively marvellous  I love this blog from the day I entered WP and things haven’t changed since then.
  3. LazyLauraMaisey : Hers was one of the first blogs I started following back in August,2012 and she has persistently amused me with her writing. This girl knows what it takes to make people laugh.
  4. CrazyTrainToTinkyTown: She has been there with me and my words for a long time now. She writes a remarkable blog about her adventures in Turkey and about life, in general. She is a brilliant writer.
  5. Black Box Warnings: This blog, an initiative by Le Clown, gives a platform to people who have suffered at the hands of mental, physical or psychological disorders. People share their stories. Sometimes they make me smile, sometimes they make me cry but every one time they make me believe: We are all really strong!
  6. She’s a Maineiac : This is unquestionably one of the most interesting blogs out here. This lady can never ever ever bore you.
  7. Brave Smart Bold : She talks about bold subjects, about education and writing. Her blog certainly resembles its name: its brave, it’s smart and it’s bold. It gives a kick to your intellect and makes you think!
  8. Writing Through The Fog: This blog has some of the best written work that exists on WP. Cheri Lucas has a way with words. Her writing is beautiful and subtle and it blends the digital and the real world in a flawless manner.
  9. The Quiet Voice: Thomas shares his views about the seldom talked about social issues like child abuse, bisexuality and gay rights. He candidly voices his opinions and helps you gain an insight into the part of the world that’s not given the consideration it ought to have.
  10. Climb the Hill : An encouraging blog which is rarely updated owing to the writer’s busy schedule (This blog deserved a mention here because it belongs to my best friend who created it owing to my constant coercion. Notwithstanding whether he writes something in here or not, the very existence of this blog matters to me (: )

Visit them. Read their work. Like their posts. Leave comments. I have introduced you to some of the best people out here in our blogging space and yeah, you can thank me later  (:

There is a lot more to come at Read Stuff. But, today it’s time to celebrate. What about a Birthday Party? Are you in?

6 responses to “Happy Birthday Read Stuff!

  1. Congrats on your big milestone and all your hard work and thank you for your kind words; I am truly humbled that you shared your special day with me. Now I’m off to check out your other recommendations

  2. Many Congratulations for all ur efforts for the posts which enlightened your readers…Thanks for encouraging me to write…I promise very soon i will be very regular in doing so!!!

    • Thank you Dude 😉
      A huge reason that this blog exists is you. Thank you for bearing with almost all the posts here and thanks for the support!
      (P.S : I gladly accept your gratitude for enlightening you with stuff going all around! I know I rock 😉 )

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