On Learning!

I have been learning a lot about Data Journalism recently and the more I read, the more it imbibes me into it. I didn’t know too much about this term before taking up an Online Course in Data-Driven Journalism organized by the Knight Centre of Journalism, University of Texas, Austin. The erudition is still on-going and in just two weeks I feel I have learnt so much. Education always helps me become so positive and constructive. I feel valuable and that in itself is a wonderful sentiment.

It was my turn to write something nice today. I don’t post on this blog too often and one reason behind that is the fact that I want to be good at this. I want to communicate to you things that matter. There are times when I write random posts (probably like the current one) and publish them here. Sometimes, I do that to jog your memory and say: I exist. At other times I do that to remind myself: I am alive. That’s the thing with writing. It helps you grow and it expects you to rally around it to develop it as well. My ardour for writing has brought me at this platform where I can converse with people all over the world. That’s an excellent feeling too. The past month has been quite demanding because I have been trying hard to make a mark. I have been striving to study, to give it my best, to work assiduously, to interact with successful reporters and writers and also to give wings to my dreams. It tires me out sometimes, especially when I am struck with the consciousness that things might not work out. I have been running and working and learning and designing and reading and talking and writing and dreaming. Life is pretty eventful and I like it this way but it’s strenuous to give it your best and not anticipate anything out of it. I have been struggling with my dreams but I haven’t been welcomed with a miraculous beaming ray of light from any direction. Life’s moving at its own pace and yet I am scuttling through it.

I met a well-read journalist the other day and he advised me to be prudent with words. He said that it was not necessary for a writer to publish everything she writes, not even on her own blog. I realized how correct he was. I am not writing here to give you gibberish accounts and tales from all over the world. I am writing here to make you aware, to enlighten you and to share as much as I know. I am writing here to present you with myself at my best. However, today, I am also writing here to let you know that every writer has good days and bad days. Likewise, every writer has created some fine work as well as heaps of terrible writing examples. Notwithstanding any of this, I request you to accept me when you read my words. I pledge to be better and not shallow. I will work harder and not laze off. I promise to grow up and let writing nurture too. It’s all going to work out, soon! (I hope)


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